Respect for People

Recently it was in a familiar celebration. Between the friendly presents, I had opportunity to chat with which it works in a company of the local scope. In that company (with more than 20 years in the market) it is for 4 or 5 years. He was pleasant to listen to it! Questions, answers less, a small summary than speaks with him, is more what follows: To the company it goes to him very well! Every time better! The owner and his family are people of first! It is certain that we worked much, but widely we are compensated! – How! I said surprised and if we are or pay the double to us than it marks the agreement (to ALL), we worked in a good atmosphere, comfortable, we never need soda waters in the refrigerators, or invoices, or gifts in order year, or money to cover some extra question. Everybody does what must do! And first that does he is the owner! See you it, and is all the day looking for commercial opportunities. Weapon ” combos” , it requests discounts, it organizes promotions and calm You never see ” it; loco” The suppliers respect much because what decides IT FULFILLS, IT! The banks offer to the company a permanent support him and every time we have more work! – But decime SOMETHING MUST HAPPEN! AND NO! They respect to us and we give back commitment to them, desire. Sometimes they ask to you not to take the vacations ” all meetings! ” because there is much work, and nobody has problems! – So RESPECT! Sight you? If, you feel that they take care of to you! they helped me in things that did not have any obligation.

They are very jealous as far as the incorporations of people. Only recommended by confidence people. And by the sight, it does not go to them bad. – But does not discuss? There are no conflicts? Sometimes yes. But nothing serious.

Things of the moment. – And how they are with respect to the absenteeism? And almost nobody lack. Sometimes some patient returns BEFORE because he feels well and he sends it to the owner to the house. I had myself to operate of a smaller question and she did not let to me return. – Recuperate you come well and later – To people thus PODS NOT TO FAIL to HIM! And if this generated to me FRESH airflow confirms and me that my already old man preaches to the industralists of JUSTICE and RESPECT so that the employees, first of all, feel like PEOPLE! , it continues having value!