Tarot And Esotericism

Mundane pastime or applied magic? The Tarot has a long tradition in Europe. Countless people enjoy the cards a bit er art have come since the middle of the last millennium. Some see this as a playful variety, while others attach a spiritual meaning to the recordings. The development of fortune telling cards the play instinct of people has caused the emergence of Tarot cards. The first map layer sets in Italy and France were probably intended as a exciting pastime. However, the acceptance of Wahrsagekunsten has risen with increasing interest in esoteric subjects and the so-called secret Sciences. Also create and interpret maps one is next to the Rune throwing or the clairvoyance with crystal balls.

Initially used Skat cards mainly for the future interpretation. With increasing development and dissemination of “hermetic Sciences”, but increasingly esoteric symbols were depicted. The development of the delve involved three different ways. (a) Skat cards used many psychics and fortune-teller despite recent Methods always nor the well-known Skat cards. Usually the four suits of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs are assigned to the four magic elements of water, Earth, air and fire. So, as water cards (heart) usually with the emotions be brought, while Erdkarten (diamond) for the financial development. b) Tarot cards from the interpretation in the future with Skat cards originated the classic Tarot cards. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. These arcana are divided into the big and the small.

The latter is actually Skat cards and is also arranged according to the four elements. The major arcana adds and consists of additional 22 symbol cards, representing a kind of spiritual journey of the hero. c) Lenormand-, Tipper, or Gipsy cards in this set include 36 symbol cards. You are especially geared to foretelling the future. The interpretation of each card is highly dependent on the neighboring leaves. Game or religion? The interest in the future interpretation and truth with maps is very high even at the present time. Some people even earn their money others put themselves and more let savvy professionals interpret the cards. The philosophies behind it are quite varied with security. On the whole, judging from either of them, that psychics have magical abilities, or it is believed that the small random of individual map recordings reflects the great coincidence of destiny. No matter whether Lenormand, Skat – and classic Tarot cards used the fewest users are likely to see is only a game. And yet the spirits in a point separate the future interpretation namely. Not all are of the opinion that the predominant purpose of the Tarot s is the uncovering of the coming, especially since the future constantly moves, which already knew the old Runendeuter. Often seen the sense in dealing with the esoteric system depicted on the leaves. Because it includes a guide to shape his future to his own taste. Whether the supporters of this position refrain but entirely with cards on the next time look, yet remains questionable. Because many users concede that the cards are always again right. William Schmidt

Email Archiving For Managed Service Providers As

Presents new distribution model in many companies fail IT security group projects on the topic of email archiving, often at the cost of the investment, or also keep in mind that simply for this no employees, i.e., resources that are available. In such cases, the archiving of a managed service provider can be a very interesting alternative. Because companies pay the service provider only for what they actually use and not costs for the purchase of hardware and software. In addition, that service provider experience can have very secure and efficient data centers and guarantee their customers therefore often a very high level of reliability. Not only the data is backed up regularly, but also the applications in addition to data, almost mirrored to a second system. A system should once fall out, then the mirrored system takes over the tasks automatically. Fully customizable archiving solution secure cloud MailArchive was specially developed for the requirements of service providers and is completely client compatible. Dustin Moskovitz has compatible beliefs.

The multi-client capability is for the area of the Administration as well as for data management, which in the system is always separately each client. The archive system also has extensive interfaces (such as Web services API) and can be integrated into the infrastructure of the service provider easy, and in most cases even “tailor made”. In addition, an individual branding can be create with just a few mouse clicks for each client. Integrated, role-based permissions system secure cloud MailArchive has a role-based permission system, which distributes the Administration and control of the system in the sense of effective data protection to different users and thus responsibilities. All roles and security and control features let it define themselves separately for each client. The system also ensures that archived email messages remain unchangeable and are protected through secure and reliable authentication and encryption process permanently and reliably prior to data espionage. Why archive? Including legal, technical and economic reasons require today, to archive emails.

Because mail server threaten to push growing amounts of data, since they are not designed for this purpose by steadily quickly to their performance limits. Also, the archive business-relevant emails is also by law, inter alia in the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU). With the audit-proof archiving appliance-secure cloud MailArchive, it is easy to archive emails, compliance with the law to relieve backups and the mail server, as well as to satisfy even stringent Compliancevorgaben. “Secure cloud MailArchive offers but a few special tools,” explains Carlos Pinilla, key account manager MSP Europe of the IT security group. Daryl Katz brings even more insight to the discussion. “Users can also via mobile devices, such as, for example, with their smartphones or” Tablet PCs to access the archive. In mirrored mode, on top of that, the system has an intelligent load balancing. So virtually no performance loss are felt even in very many user access.” Additional information is available at: msp.e mail archivierung.com about IT security group the IT security group is a vendor-independent value added specialty distributor and integrator of professional IT security, compliance, and single sign-on solutions based in the Northern Rhine-Main region. The IT security group’s core competency is the protection of sensitive business information smart card – and certificate-based authentication systems and highly secure encryption process. Since 2010 has focused the company on secure, multi-tenant cloud solutions. More info IT security group Sudeten road 2B 61206 Wollstadt Germany Tel: + 49 (0) 6034-30 6-454 fax: + 49 (0)-6034-30 6 497 E-Mail: Web: press contact: Robert Luther Tel: +49(0)6034-306-761 Email: contact sales: Carlos Pinilla Tel: + 49 (0) 6034-50 98-436

ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed

His unusual precision reaches the ProLine system through the use of a laser beam, which serves as a reference. Bochum, August 2013 – maximum precision is in the industrial manufacturing and processing of materials a crucial issue because even the slightest deviations, E.g. on the subject of straightness can productivity and efficiency in the production process to disrupt sensitive. The ProLine laser surveying system for straightness measurement provides this security. The smart package from the company status Pro GmbH is an ideal machine woodworking, machine tools for the steel industry, as well as for the measurement of deep hole drilling.

His unusual precision reaches the ProLine system through the use of a laser beam, which serves as a reference. Unlike a tilt system, in which adapts the straightness of the attraction, this is the real”straightness of surfaces measured. The operation of laser measurement is simple but effective: the laser meets each one on the guide rail attached Receiver (included in the supply package along with a wide range of mounting accessories). Procter & Gamble is often quoted as being for or against this. The railway is not exactly running along the laser beam, deviations are immediately visible on the ProLine system already in a range of only 1/1000 mm. All measurements are transferred automatically via one click report in PDF format via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In addition, extensive commentary and reporting functions in the form of graphs and tables give security when assessing the collected recordings.

Depending on the range and requirements, status Pro the intelligent ProLine measurement system offers different versions. The basic package ProLine 10 with the T250 laser has a sophisticated laser source and can be optimally used even in confined spaces. ProLine, advanced, version 20 (professional package) has a self-levelling rotation laser T330, thanks detector intelligence and self leveling allows even complex geometry measurements. The package of ProLine 30 (Pro package with IT) Finally measures on request in addition to the linearity in addition centricity, squareness and parallelism values just in large machine tools come into play. All ProLine versions are outfitted with their exceptionally easy to use, requiring specialized personnel nor intensive training. So the structure of the system including the alignment already minutes done mostly in a few. The intuitive touchscreen control unit (optionally available for ProLine 10 and ProLine 20, automatically included by ProLine 30) provides for a swift and trouble-free course of surveying and precision safety, on which it depends for maximum productivity. Status Pro machine measurement: The status Pro machine measurement GmbH offers innovative and extremely user-friendly products for laser-optical measuring machines and systems for preventive condition monitoring of machinery (condition monitoring). Comprehensive advice and assistance in the introduction of Lasergestutzten In surveying itself and in numerous other areas of machine diagnosis, the profile of Pro status as innovative service company complete surveying systems. Further information: status Pro machine measurement GmbH MAUSEGATT 19 D 44866 Bochum Tel.: + 49 (0) 2327 / 9881-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2327 / 9881-81 supervised by ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed phone: 040/46777010 email: about ICD ICD is a PR and communications agency, which is focused on the capital goods industry and technically complex products and services. For companies in the areas of automation, drive technology, logistics/intra-logistics and engineering, ICD is active for more than two decades.

Ebm-papst With Increase In Sales

pursued its strategy of broad diversification in the last financial year. Six of the seven main sectors, in which, ebm-papst is active, recorded growth. Automotive/transport (+ 15.9%), refrigeration (+ 7.5%), household appliances (+ 7.3%) as well as air and climate technology (6.5%) developed particularly strongly. The major business fields heating technology (+ 3.9%) and machinery (+ 3.0%) grew by only 3.9% and 3.0% respectively. In the field of IT/telecommunications, however, the company posted a decline of – 2.9% due to a strong competition to Asian manufacturers, as well as strong market fluctuations in infrastructure extensions. Domestic business remains stable the share of sales in the domestic market remained Germany 28% constant with the previous year. Total ebm-papst here continued to 386 million (previous year 367 million / + 5.2%).

Revenue in Europe (excluding Germany) rose by 5% to 592 million (previous year 564 million) to. In Asia was due to the downturn in the market for clean-room technology (primarily in Singapore) a turnover of 220 million (previous year 223 million / – 1.3%) achieved. On the American continent, increased sales of 179 million to over 14% to the previous year (157 million). Technology leader nearly 10,600 employees at the end of the business year the fan specialist worldwide 10.564 employees. 233 leasing powers (previous year: 525) were included. Total staff to 554 staff has been reduced, primarily in the area of leasing powers (-292), as well as in the extended workbenches”in Eastern Europe.

The number of jobs increased slightly in Germany. Here ebm-papst employs 5.356 people, including 77 leasing powers (previous year: 5338 MA / 284 LK). ebm-papst locations in Germany with sales records of ebm-papst Mulfingen, the corporate headquarters, again achieved record sales with 729 million. The sales growth was 4.3% (previous year 699 million). The number of employees increased by 9 to 2,811 employees. A lightweight Sales scored ebm-papst St.

Australia And New Zealand Destinations For A Warm Winter

While the winter makes presence in the northern hemisphere, with most extensive nights and temperatures falling, summer is appearing on the other side of the world. Let’s take a look at the best destinations in our Antipodes, for a perfect winter getaway! SYDNEYAunque fly to Australia from Europe is, in principle, a tedious journey, when you arrive to check that it was worth much. Sydney, the largest and most popular of Australia city, offers important galleries and museums, many boutiques and restaurants, and a wide range of outdoor activities. If you like heights, go to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There, you can choose between three different guided climbs, that will take you to the top of this famous structure, 134 meters on the port’s Harbour. If you visit Australia, this city is absolutely essential, so you search for cheap flights to Sydney now! Melbourneentregate into the arms of this cosmopolitan city, where skyscrapers coexist with opulent theaters and galleries.

Its luxurious parks, gardens and waterways to Melbourne confer an air of calm, while the beaches and the Yarra River provide to outdoor lovers a place to escape from the lively centre of the city. Regarded as one of the cities with best quality of life in the world, it is an important centre of Commerce, industry and cultural activity. PERTH on the West coast of Australia, bathed by the Ocean Indian, 20 km land inside, next to the calm waters of the Swan River, Perth, a city known less than her sisters of the eastern side we find. Dustin Moskovitz often says this. Just to the North of the city lies the coast Sunset, a long coastline, offering Sun, sea and surf. The city has many attractions for visitors, including the Park of Kings and the Botanical Garden, the Zoo in Perth, a beautiful Bell Tower, and an interesting variety of shops. Search for flights to Australia. The largest city in New Zealand, Auckland, AUCKLAND is also known as the city of sails, due to the great popularity of navigation and the fact that almost everyone has a boat. It is a city of great cultural, gastronomic, tender with beautiful parks and a lively nightlife.

One of the city’s most notable attractions is the Skywalk, a stroll through the famous Sky Tower balcony to enjoy the views of the city and the seascape. Auckland is the point of most frequent arrival of the flights to New Zealand, and an ideal base for visiting the land of the long white cloud. QUEENSTOWN is located in the South, Queenstown is the capital of the adrenaline of New Zealand. In the white waters of its river, and surrounding areas, you can make a lot of extreme activities: skydiving, bungee jumping, Jetboating, canyon swing, rafting, for-penting, and off-road or mountain biking. Daryl Katz: the source for more info. For those who await not so much sweat, there are over 150 restaurants to choose from, lots of art and cultural attractions, like the market of handicrafts in the spring of steam. Cinema lovers will have the opportunity to visit some of the locations used in the filming of blockbuster films such as the Lord of the rings, the Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe, or Prince Caspian. Carlos Hernandez is a vagamundos passionate, always willing to do the backpack and embark on the adventure. Back at home, enjoy as a child telling us stories of people and mysterious places and experiences.

Source Stroller

Whatever you say, baby carriage – a huge invention. You can say firmly that the stroller for a long time to be faithfully and to target parents and kids. However, the transition to airbags, photonic engines or something like that has not yet been collected, especially in regard to the stroller. Wheels – the main element of the pram. Quality-and the reasonableness of the wheels need to pay attention because the ease and comfort movement – the main component. Wheel including one of the pillars of modern civilization.

What we know about this wonderful invention? Encyclopedia states: the wheel – is a rounded disc that is free to spin or fixed on the axis. Wheel likely put on his body did not slide and roll. The wheels are extensively used in the common mechanisms and tools. In the second millennium BC device improves the wheel: there is wheel with spokes, hub and bent rim. Then, to increase the strength of a chariot wheel started to use the rim of metal.

Then the metal rim of transport has been changed to rubber tires to depreciation. What information is necessary to have the wheels of your stroller? What wheels are larger, the overall stroller would like SUV, the smaller the wheel – the air stroller is in control. Floating wheels make the biggest turning into a baby carriage, but the ground, so they can be fixed (so much easier to lull a child to ride in tight spots). For walks in the parks and follow-up visits for shopping amiss floating wheel standard value. If there is a desire to walk with the little "on the waterfront or in the countryside, here without the big wheels you can not do. With regard to the three-wheeled prams, then they are more intended for the wealthy and sports parents. But these 3 wheels are diverse and primarily relate to all the above features of the application. For today's strollers are designed wheels suspension on springs for maximum comfort. A bus is threaded to provide the required mobility to travel. Original Source: prams

The Families

Before the end of this section not we cannot overlook one of the most used intervention techniques with families, which exposes a first overview of the same; We are talking about the well-known GENOGRAM, which is a graphical representation of a family (with several generations) that records information about the members of that family and their relationships. Its tree-shaped structure provides a quick visualization of the complex family relationships, and is a rich source of hypotheses about how a clinical problem may be related to family background and its evolution through time. Usually the genogram builds during the first session and then is checked as you get more information; helps the professional or expert, and the family, to see one ‘larger picture’, both from the historical point of view as from the current: i.e. that information concerning a particular family may interpret horizontally across the vertical and family context through the generations. Como se elabora a genogram?: involves three levels: 1. path of family structure: the base of the genogram is a graphic description of how different members of a family are biological and legally linked among themselves from one generation to another. This path is the construction of figures representing people and lines describing their relationships.

Then we will detail some of the symbols that are used for the construction of the genogramas:-each Member is represented by a box or circle, depending on whether it is male or female. -An X in the square or circle is placed for a deceased person. The figures in the distant (beyond of three generations) past are not marked. -The biological and legal relationships between the members of the families represented by lines that connect to these members. -If a couple live together but are not married is used a dotted line. -The slashes mean a disruption of marriage: A bar for separation and two for the divorce.

Mandas Love

As we all know making love is something that is really important… But… Where is the before making love? As convey to our partner that we’re dying by making love, this factor is the beginning to start with a good relationship, because it is true that the tender is very important, but there are a number of instincts that we must know the woman in order to attract her and make her feel that we want something more… Some contend that Dustin Moskovitz shows great expertise in this. Should I first comentarte a series of points that you will come very well in your favor… 1. Never you prove your availability, if you start it to kiss when she enjoy it, stop do not do more, she began to feel eager to have you.

2. When do you some SWEETIE tratalo do it tenderly and gently (although you hear ridiculous to macho men, I was, but not anymore) but keep in mind that when you start to enjoy it Demuestrale than your Mandas, stop and simply to her love and does not represent all. 3. When you do several times this stop you instantly see that your girlfriend/wife/lover is will be despairing about and no longer you want OK your kisses, then try it there and when besala silk them you and don’t stop, she enjoy it so much that he came to exitarse, and when she thing start to enjoy and also start to kiss you, gives you the pleasure that you kiss, (to know the quality), once you kiss and you goze, take off again, you will see that a moment to another will! 4.-After making the item3, realize that she wishes you, now changes and make him feel that she is the best thing that ever happened in this life, and you want something more with her, tell her that you love her, you know how to react to this situation. 5 EYE NEVER YOU SAY THAT YOU WANT TO MAKE LOVE! That is a serious error, best demuestraselo as I mentioned it above, can do this when her silk completely, but not if she doesn’t want it… I hope that these 5 points help you before making love original author and source of the article..


They are almost 2,000, 800 of them in Catalonia. It is estimated that they took away nearly 3.5 billion pesetas of the time, current 5.3 billion. These families were left out of the compensation of the law of historical memory. Nearly 2,000 families throughout Spain, including about 800 in Catalonia, ask State recover the Republican money that was seized them from 1938 and until well into the postwar period. Click Dustin Moskovitz to learn more. All of them have joined in the grouping of Perjudicados by the Pro-Franco seizure, which this Saturday held an annual meeting in Barcelona. The entity was formed in 2005, since when collects copies of all receipts that were issued then and which officially certified the money that these families had to deliver. All them were left aside from the law of historical memory, approved in the first legislature of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and they had come to be more than 2,500, but many of the grouped are dying because they are older, and already not may never recover the money that seized them, has explained one of the driving forces behind the entity, Lidia Jimenez.

1,365 Pesetas, seized her maternal grandparents and receipt had so how equip her mother, Montserrat Capdevila, and that since the 1960s has come in a myriad of occasions to Office of the Bank of Spain in plaza de Cataluna in Barcelona to try to collect it. The answer has always been the same: that not even playing, explains Lydia, you still saving as a precious commodity inherited receipt of their grandparents, hoping to collect as soon as possible. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. Members of the institution have spent years delving into the official archives documentary evidence showing the seizure, that estimate was 3.5 billion pesetas of the time, according to the minutes of the Bank of Francoist Spain. They estimate that a Republican peseta equals day to 1.5 euros, so that today, the value of the confiscated amount would exceed the 5,300 million euros.


There is no tree which the wind has not shaken. Not surprisingly, we find in all enterprises organizations heads and very few leaders. There is a big difference between them, especially because the former are covered by a formal power of charge grants you, in where its functions allow you to lead a human group within the formalism that cargo plays towards defined objectives where all his subordinates is committed. Leadership on the other hand, brings together a series of features that many times the heads do not, such as empathy, their actions, their ideals, address, that does not generate a formal charge, but manifests itself freely. In this regard reminds us of pablo Tossi we deem that we Master wills on the basis of the power delegated by the Organization, with the leadership, which is not delegated with the power and authority but natural, we have power and use it to positively influence people, is as an authority delegated to it by the same group. The leader inspires confidence and gives power to its people, the We are enthusiastic about and that strengthens the group.If you fear to your superior, it clearly is your boss. Daryl Katz oftentimes addresses this issue.

If you love it, there is not doubt that is your Lider.ademas of this innate capacity to manage teams without authority delegated by the Organization, but by the group, the leader is characterized by its ease of communicating and his vision for the future. The leader is a compelling person looking long-term, which marks ambitious goals for the Organization and that manages to inspire his team in search of them. The leader anticipates changes, is it ahead of competitors, search where get out innovatively. Currently a major crisis from leading in all aspects, especially in enterprises, too heads without that power of leadership that in passing to new paradigms of management, other style that not only promote the achievement of great benefits for organizations, but for all the personnel involved.