Discontinued Linux distributions

Discontinued Linux distributions I see this category. Some distributions are certainly still relevant after his death, for its historical value, because it influenced others, because they came to have many users, it emerged from companies or large groups, because they are linked from other articles … (I know, Yggdrasil Linux, Corel Linux, Red Hat Linux, maybe even Linspire, surely some other). But some of it seems to me we do nothing or almost nothing. What would be the correct procedure, we have a policy about it, choose those that seem most irrelevant and I will put a candidate for deletion 4lex (talk) 2:53 April 12, 2010 (UTC) Do not think it necessary to remove these items. Xavigivax (Talk to me) 8:27 April 12, 2010 (UTC) No more pronounced, then Does everyone confused Several of them had articles in other languages and have been blurred, as Flonix or Jurix.Others, such as Linux or UserLinux Storm, barely an article, or on our wikipedia or others. Amber just got a Linux version, and the site of the company that developed it is down. Will I be putting their foot if they put a bid to erase and wait for me out of my mistake and show its relevance – 4lex (talk) 16:00 April 16, 2010 (UTC) Nothing to say, apply WP: ASR, that’s what it is. Sanbec -) 8:08 April 21, 2010 (UTC) deleted queries consume resources of the community. By contrast, the space occupied by these items are not considered “community resources” (WP: NOES paper). IMHO, if you can apply a speedy deletion because it does not fit in the case of WP: PBR, probably not worth digging. There should be a rule requiring stubs for every ten articles on WN to open. Gaeddal April 21, 2010 12:46 (UTC) Strongly agree, I remember when schools did EE articles.UU., I deleted about 15 items, but none did any other item. Vrysxy Californication! April 25, 2010 00:56 (UTC)


Normality and Madness – distinct or non-separable Concepts? In the pages that I could appreciate with my reading, it was clearly the perception of that madness is seen of some angles, of some heads, and for the thoughts are changed there. It is noticed that it is easy to speak of the madness of the other, of this other people’s madness and to produce arguments of that wild he is who is contrary to the society, or better, of who he is contrary to its attitudes, its beliefs or the normality of the world. But it is enough to run away from a moral rule, fact, already has considered an insane person. But as we can say with as much freedom this word? Without the least terms the established knowledge to use it. It will be that we could call somewhat bad madness? Or only one liberty of speech is of the norms of the society? This subject on madness is very extensive and is necessary very well-taken care of to interpret it. Nowadays, the sense-common one believes in a madness located in the individual, transforms that it into monster thus tending to remove its statute of human being, as well as makes to forget us that something is said through madness.

The insane people are the ones that they know to look at the world with the eyes of the reality, and therefore are restrained of the society. According to Artaud, the authentic insane person would be that one that he preferred to go crazy (conscientiously or not), in the direction where socially if he understands the word, to trair certain superior idea of honor human being (moral rules). In mine to see, this opinion is celebrates and obtains to arrive at the abstract direction. As much that I will place in this summary all my points of view, not leaving to analyze all the others and not to be the favor nor against, but always to think the respect.