Job Market Starts For Professionals On The Mac And IPhone Hardware & Software job board now also with Frankfurt am Main, July 03, 2008 operates the project and job exchange for professionals on the Mac and iPhone since September 2006 and has firmly established at this time as a unique offer in the Mac and media industry she. Thousands interested parties observe the job ads for fixed or free employee (m/f) daily and hundreds of companies from the Mac and media industry took advantage of the offer so far. Due to the success of Apple’s continuing for years are more and more Macs – and soon iPhones-enterprises in use and so the need for employees (m/f) with Mac know-how in the business, IT and media environment increases steadily. This development take the participating account and have launched an exclusive cooperation on July 01, 2008: the job board by is now tightly integrated with and and offers real value to readers of the respective offer. Just as all advertisers of this cooperation, which now receive a high range for your job offers companies and potential candidates (fixed or free) to speak to a large part of such as IT professionals, programmers, teachers for training, publishing professionals, producers, Web Developer, multimedia, audio and video experts, project managers, business consultants, marketing and sales staff, in the Mac and media environment, sales personnel, etc. is the range most powerful online magazine for Mac and iPhone in the German-speaking countries. Since 1997, delivers reliable messages from the Apple scene promptly and in German language. Under the motto succeeds more than just news a multi-headed Newsroom every day, to inform, about 100,000 readers over the usual horizon and to entertain. The publication of a job advert on including the Web sites of affiliated media partners is 290,-euros (plus 19% VAT) USt.) for each 30 days. granted a special discount of 30% on all circuits, in a special promotional period at the start of this cooperation from July 01 to September 30, 2008 who are abandoned in this period. So, a job ad costs only EUR 203,-net for 30 days. Learn more about the new offer, can be found under: jobs / contact: Ilias Vassiliou Office: Franziusstr. to go. 8-14, D-60314 Frankfurt am main seat: fork Samuel str. 7, D-63069 Offenbach am Main, Germany FON: + 49-69-20328486, fax: + 49-721-151490764 Web:, E-Mail: