Another Future

From a theological perspective, everyone has a reason to exist, an object. Joan Robinson considers that any economic system requires a set of rules, an ideology which justifies them and a conscience in the individual that will lead to endeavour to fulfil them. If we consider to politics, the economy, the company and society itself as integrated systems by other subsystems interconnected among themselves and with the environment that surrounds them, is necessary to outline a reference system conceptual for a theory responsible for collecting and clearly analyze the reality and the future of the business. In this way, emerge, among many others, the concepts of purpose, missions, purposes, responsibilities, values, creeds, rituals, etc. so sparsely motivator is compliance or so puny is our conscience, our ideology or our rules? Within the meaning of the messages of the history, seems to be Yes.

Yesterday I threw me thirty and peak minutes watching a video of a Lord, Agustin Carlos Imaz Mayor, who reveals to the naked face, all luxury of details, one alleged scam millionaire do scammer or swindled? The news I read in and visualize video in Google. If what Augustine says is true, what values, creeds, rituals, purposes and responsibilities of the economy and society should I grab me to convince me once more than other business and political future is possible? Last night listened to Oscar Pereiro in the news: I’m still second, and prefer to be second to Floyd Landis positive confirmation (honors you Oscar, these feelings encourage me much, thank you). And I thought: I would like that the truth of Augustine on the subject of Benidorm it wasn’t the truth, for the good of all; but I am afraid that when the River sounds, some rotten water must carry. We put in place the skimmer once more, drop who falls, for the sake of political parties but, above all, for the good of society itself.