The Choice Of Flooring Materials

The History of the parquet floor has its roots in ancient times as early as the 16 th century in Russia plank floors were of oak staves, putting them risunkom.Parket popular today not only as an element of decor, but also practical natural good make flooring. The diversity of styling, a combination of different breeds of surprises and delights the eye. It's as simple types of figures: a saber, herringbone, deck, and an art installation: cubes, various types of braided, French Christmas tree, etc. Important detail is the choice of material, because the floor is capable of not only visually change the proportions, but also the mood of the interior and putting in some wood tselom.Rassmotrim parquet. The most widespread and traditional flooring in Russia from the oak.

Oak flooring is durable beautiful material with a pronounced pattern, virtually unchanged level of humidity and having a high rate level of stringency. Slightly less common flooring beech wood structure having a little softer, which allows to better handle this material.Struktura in beech is smooth and bright, wood figure is almost not visible. Similar in hardness with beech – hornbeam, the color is very light, almost monotonous, looks great in any interior. Tougher than oak flooring – parquet, ash, lighter in color with a golden hue, and similar to These wood pattern. The magnificent beauty of parquet flooring is obtained by combining different types of wood flooring during installation art, but you will need to pay attention to furniture and interior design in general, because in essence a sex attracted attention in this regard, the interior of this room should be dimmed, and the furniture rests tightly against the walls and partitions, so as not to bar all the charm of this coating.