Land Experience

Interposed, the National Program of Inclusion of Young was assigned by the Provisional remedy n 411/07 ProJovem Field – To know of the Land; aglutinao of some politician-educational experiences in /de the field, a partnership of the Ministry of Educao (MEC), for the Secretariat of Education Continued, Alfabetizao and Diversidade (SECAD) next to the State Secretariats of Education, municipal representations and social movements of the field (MEC, 2008). Currently, ProJovem Field, meets in almost all the Brazilian states, also in Pernambuco where it contemplates cities since the Zone of Mata until the Hinterland. In this to elapse, two experiences of this Program in the agricultural space of the Petrolina-FOOT city meet, city the Southwest of Pernambuco and 731 km of the pernambucana capital, as it shows figure 01. The city is to the edges of the River San Francisco, contends an esteem total population in 294.081 a thousand inhabitants, with demographic density of 64,5 hab. /km, in accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE, 2011). FIGURE: 01 As above-mentioned, the city of Petrolina presents two experiences of ProJovem Field – To know of the Land. The first experience meets located in the Nestings of the MST: They are Jose of the Valley, High of the Sand and Are Francisco, and in the Nestings of the 2 Fetape : Jose Ramos and Mansueto de Lavor, as show the Figure: 01. This first experience of Saberes of the Land in Petrolina already is being a perfectioning of an occured experience previously in the Center of Formation Pablo Freire, in the Normandy Nesting, Caruaru-FOOT. Therefore, this experience, occured in Petrolina-FOOT, is called To know of Land II. After other conquests and perfectionings, also were implemented the second experience, meeting in the Nestings Alive Water I and II and in South the Pontal Encampment, all of the MST, also located in Petrolina-FOOT (Figure: 01).