Pierre Boulez

I hate Don Quixote. I will never read James Joyce de Ulises, we heard many with pride and arrogance even satisfied. These attitudes of closure, never reasoned, clear, but on the contrary, unthinking and quite irrational, deeply anchored in subjectivity and revealing enormous shortcomings, and many times also of serious complexes, impede (painfully) that we participate and enjoy what in their own right as human beings that we are belong to us: the Cultural heritage of humanity. That is there just for that: so us launch rejoicing to his full and total enjoyment and let ourselves be enveloped in their beneficial fumes until the same permeen our spirits and make us richer, more complex, more sensitive, more full. More human, in sum.

Of course, is a matter of open-mindedness, open and translocal mentality, curiosity and restless, geared to new and novel Soul and a the infinite vriedad of universal art. But also of sensitivity, conscious and dedicated education of taste, refinement and refinement of the senses and of perceptual capacities and even (and especially) of work, study and analysis. Of course that there will always be more or less marked preferences in which intervene the personal taste. I, for example by comply with music, a few years here listen preferentially and almost unique jazz and classical music. And even within these two musical categories I have my marked predilection for specific styles and periods, and, of course, also by certain artists and performers. Who better than the franco-argentino Daniel Baremboim to make us enjoy to fullness of the 32 Beethoven piano Sonatas or to Pau Casals for cello of j. S. Bach concerts or Pierre Boulez for the suggestive and complex music of Stravinsky? But these are preferences. Preferences that can be endorsed by a trial or a reasoning, weighted, that can sustain in an analytical and critical assessment and a conscious and even rigorous education of taste.