Alcoceber Fun Tourism

Do you want a summer with emotions? Are you tired of lying in the sand for hours without doing anything? Alcoceber is your destination, keep reading, you’ll love fishing: one of the best areas of fishing of Castellon is the coastline of Alcoceber.! Serradal, the Roman Beach, the beach of charger, Cala Blanca, the Roquer Marti, coves of the Sierra de Irta or the lighthouse are very rich in wildlife areas marine, and therefore points frequented for fishing. Diving and diving: there is a diving school in Alcoceber, Barracuda, which is perfectly located for the practice of this sport. Some of the courses that you can make there are: baptisms of sea, open water diver, scuba diver, advanced and rescue. Sailing: near the apartments in Alcoceber, on the beach of the charger you will find a sailing school, to the delight of lovers of this sport. The sailing club is public and everyone can sign up as a partner. If you are returning to the same site on vacation, this option may be interested. (BTT) mountain bike: in the mountains of the Sierra de Irta have a variety of routes for mountain biking.

There are also routes through the area of Alcala of Xivert. In the tourism office will inform you about routes organized group. Hiking: If yours is walking, there are many possibilities offered by Alcoceber. You have the urban route by Alcala de Xivert, the path of the coves (highly recommended if you go with children), the path to the castle of Xivert, of the viewpoints, the main route or St. Lucia.

Tennis: Alcoceber is also a good place for tennis. There is a sports club that features numerous tracks for the practice of this sport in Las Fuentes. Another club with tracks is San Francisco. In addition there are many housing estates that are already equipped for tennis. Gymnastics of maintenance: is usually carried out on the beaches of the charger and la Romana. It is based on the realization of an aerobic activity, is directed at an adult audience and is perfect to meet people and stay in form during your holiday in the apartments of Alcoceber. Pilates: Pilates is an exercise based on the control of mind over body, to reach balance and the union between the two. This sport is usually carried out in summer in the beach of sources. Learn more at the tourist information Office at your arrival. Tai Chi: it seeks to achieve harmony between body and mind, and helps us to release tension and tone. It is an activity directed both to adults and to young people, but not to children. It takes place during the summer on the beach of the charger and batter, alternating days. Activities for children: Finally, Alcoceber thinks also in children and is usually performed during the summer a series of activities including games on the beach in order to entertain children and promote their social relations. They take place in the beach of the shipper and are completely free.