A go-go and a traditional housewife will star the last Exchange of the season of family I change. It’s a program that has passed not free from controversy. See what today put on TV. Two absolutely antithetical women swapped for two weeks their homes, with the offspring included, in the latest installment of Me changing family. On the one hand it is Alicia, a mother who works in the world of the night as a dancer and organiser of feasts. The stay at home will not much with her, so chores shares them with her husband: a DJ. They have a daughter, Alicia, for 11 years.

A mother attacked by the other is Marisol, a woman who battle daily with four men in her home (her husband and their three children). Their stems describe her as a person attack of nerves that just screams, but at the same time it seems that they trust her to tell her their most intimate secrets. That Yes, help in household chores do not receive, or by mistake, none of the four. At the end, with so much testosterone, Marisol acknowledges that she has lost her femininity and only wears pants. The peace of the home will be truncated with the arrival of Alicia.

Disqualifications do not stop: the days that you left lloraras which have not undergone, tells one of the sons of Marisol. A controversial program one of most controversial program exchanges was a family of right-wing with another Cuban. The mother of the first openly acknowledged that not liked neither the Chinese nor the blacks, a few comments that were branded as racist by both viewers and the affected family: like it or not, will be with the cubanitos skinned. The program is broadcast four Friday.