We’re so accustomed to hearing that we must get a vision and set goals for our personal lives, our business, Enterprise, teamwork, even our hobby or sport. Today I want it challenging to consider goals in an area that is of the utmost importance, but there is always forgotten when planning and setting goals: his family project. Perhaps you will say: for what?, my family is well! Maybe you get already tired with the pure idea of having to develop one project. Total, in family life, road is made by walking! Do you really think that your family life is so perfect that you can not improve? And, at the end of his days, not are they those who will be by your side? You won’t want to know with certainty at the time you made the best thing was for each of them, beyond the material provision? Strangely, even in established households, the family project is an unknown term. Why it is so important to establish a vision for the family. Our lives can be so hectic, especially when we have young children at home.

Without realizing it, we can pass life busy running from one place to another. The problem is that, with so much hustle and bustle, we can lose the course and started to live day to day, turning fires as they happen, without a path clear. Time passes, the children grow up, his work still absorbing long, until one day he realizes that will leave home and never did all the things that had been proposed as a parent to do with them. A vision for the family can help you to set real goals, define what family you really want in life and uniting it to walk in a preset direction. The importance of a vision that then, is so important to have a vision? Many people live their lives according to what is presented, almost as if life were a lottery.