The Familiarity

Ahead of the premises displayed in the present article, we will investigate the intertextualidade, that if of the one by means of the relation between reading and interpretation, and will be observed the practical one of uniz them for a contextualizada and critical literal production, since breaking of good and forceful readings the reader it will be assumen of practical the excellent one of a full virtuous literal production of basement, in other authors obviously, which comungam of its ideas and opinions. For in such a way we will deal with here a significant relation enters the elements of the reading, the intertextualidade and the literal production, as essential elements and related for the formation of a critical reader, which is assumen of a reading, it notices its there varied intertextualidade and it carries through its proper production, being this fruit of the other readings and its empirical knowledge. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS For the present article we will work with the bibliographical research, characterized by Ruiz, will have the magnifying of the theoretical generalizations, as well as we will structuralize thoughts of systems and models of the most varied theoreticians, is the first step to be given in all research, therefore leaving of this if it makes a survey of what already one said about the studied subject, that is, leaving of studies carried through previously on the subject is that if it can have one ample vision of the cited problem already, also verifies the importance of this for the society in development. Well, it is thought bibliographical research as: A exploratrio study, rank that has the purpose to provide to the familiarity of the reader with the study area in which is interested party, as well as its delimitation. This familiarity is essential so that the problem is formulated in clear way and needs. (GIL, 2002, P. 61) Where if it presents the importance of the choice of the searched subject, to point and to give sensible to the questionings of the research, being this, therefore understood as formal process of the scientific method, making possible answers through preset methods scientifically.