Informative Work

Main advantages: It constitutes modality of common training for the capacity of the employees of any institution. The training is not developed in an artificial situation. The motivation is bigger, for the approach of the real conditions of work. It folloies the occured changes in the technologies and the procedures of the work. 4) Caster: It is the remanejamento of the rank of work of the employee, aiming at to prepare it a new function and to get a global vision of the work to be carried through in one determined sector. One is about one of the forms most efficient of professional formation.

Main advantages: Economic viability, for if dealing with a type of training of low cost. Acquisition of a more global vision of the company. Possibility of being used for the learning of all the types of tasks, since simplest until the most complex ones. 5) Period of training: It is the execution of pertinent activities to the occupation professional, by means of the direct and carried through experience in the work environment? where the activities are developed that the trainee needs to acquire. The period of training can occur inside of the proper institution or in others, through accords between these institutions. Main advantages: economic qViabilidade, for if dealing with a type of training of low cost, when carried through in the same local of housing of the employee. qPossibilidade of being used for the learning of all the types of tasks? simple or complex.

6) Visit Technique: Are visits carried through to other sectors? inside of the proper company or in another one? with the main objective to observe the functioning of one directly determined work (or a new technology). Main advantages: Low cost; if it will be carried through in the same city. Creation of partnerships and possibility of future exchanges. 7) Informative meetings: They are carried through periodic? or sporadical? as the necessity, in order to bring up to date the employees (you command and them) on pertinent subjects to its areas.