Skull Island

Dalyan (Turtle Beach "," Turtle Island ") – a small resort town about five kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The town has borrowed the name of the river Dalyan, at the mouth of which it is located. Travel in Dalyan provides an opportunity to see many interesting and unique all in one trip. This tour is conducted of the resorts in the region of Aegean Sea. Dalyan is situated between the resort of Marmaris and Fethiye resort in Turkey. From the sea Dalyan beach is separated Iztuzu, which is famous for the fact that it inhabits a unique species of marine turtles. "Turtle Beach" in Dalian is a long sandy spit, washed on one side with salt water, and with another – fresh.

Dalyan beach and Iztuzu – the second largest rookery of Mediterranean marine turtles endangered species "Caretta". This is where the huge rare turtles lay their eggs in the sand (to a depth of 80 cm). Hatched cherepashata reaches two months of age safely find their way into the sea, following back in the moonlight. Usually in Dalyan come on a day trip, but you can stay and, in fact, in addition to turtle beach, Dalyan famous for its mud and thermal Soltanieh, the ruins of the ancient Lycian tombs and Kaunos, carved in the rock. According to legend, bathed in natural mud goddess of beauty Aphrodite – and in this I want to believe: Dalyan mud have healing properties. In addition to turtles "Caretta" is home to Nile turtle snake's head, causing resentment among people, but in fact it is quite peaceful harmless creatures.