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Time is passing and the traffic is not flowing to your page. Accounts payable knock on your door and anxiety increases. As best results of traffic and finar me you generate sales you need both to justify the time and money invested in this called Internet Marketing? It is possible that you are already implementing some of these strategies but it is important that you review your map of action and that these tools are all harmonies with your goals, your product and audience that you’ve defined. Follow these strategies and manages to create links to increase your exposure on the web. Classified. This tool can generate a number of visitors that can surprise you. There are free classifieds or paid.

Researches in your area that newspaper offers assorted free or for very low price. These are newspapers going to audience-specific, that can generate interest according to the services or products that you’re offering. Especially when these focusing your products in unique areas. Additionally the cost is much cheaper than any other form of mass advertising. Video. Each day the video format takes greater preponderance in spreading your message on the web. The opportunity to display products how they work or simply provide information to educate your audience, is a tool that can be viral and therefore increase your relevance in search engines.

There are several software that can help you, the favorite of many is Camtacia but there are others for your consideration. There are several sites to place your videos. You Tube is preferred although you have several options such as Vimeo, Blip.Tv, and many more. Anyway if the choice of videos is one of your favorite tools, it would be advisable that you approaches with YouTube only. Blog Carnival. If you have a blog within your arsenal of traffic generation, this site is an alternative to place your items. This channel is like a magazine that accept contributions from those who have blogs. When your articles are accepted, you will be exposed to thousands of readers who visit this site daily.It is a Portal which has the vast majority of content in English but there are categories by region, which you can use for your content in Spanish. Public relations. We are in a business of communication and we always have something new of value they offer, therefore this is a path that we must use each time we can. There are different portals such as and check in your country have portals available to publish your new services or products. Companies like,, offer a series of services that definitely make the difference in putting you ahead of the competition. Services range from helping as make the launch until specific information such as how many people have read your content, where, how many times has been shared among many others. Concentrate on mastering a strategy at the same time. You focus on properly using your links and keywords, by inserting your text anchors in a harmonious way that allows fluidity in your articles. Ponte in action and you will generate traffic, when they touch at the door, you won’t be afraid to open it.