Currently, on my local host, installed and are thriving projects executed by DLE, Mosquito, PHPMelody, WP, Neutrino, DIYAN. Such the multiple or multi-project, laid the basis for the concept of 'Denver' and well implemented. All CMS, as mentioned above, installed on the local server 'Denver'. Server installation is not difficult, even for a novice user. Carefully read the instructions and perform it well when you install the 'Denver'. On my blog detailed instructions for installing the server, "Denver 'PHPMelody – cms to create a video portal.

Convenient admin panel, easy to add video, 16 languages, including Russian. 38 video sources. Add a video made by adding the address of the file. The file is not stored on the server! For registered users, includes a number of bonuses, like the ability to add up to 10 videos per day, the right to add articles, comment, etc. private office. WordPress-think, needs no introduction, easy cms, easy to install, functional expansion is performed by adding additional plug-ins. Plugins razraotano thousands, for all occasions.

The set of plug-ins have been translated into Russian language. Mosquito and Neutrino are one type of CMS, without using the database MySQL. The data in these CMS are stored in plain text files. Characterized by very low resource consumption and excellent performance. DLE-perfect CMS, low system requirements, fast, functional. On the basis of DLE, sozdayutsyaprekrasnye projects, news, warez, movies, etc. You should not forget however, that DLE and PHPMelody, to be paid for CMS, although there are free versions of the so-called nulled, with some limitations. Templates are both free and can purchase individual under your project. Installing CMS PHPMelody, Mosquito and Neutrino, WordPress, itemized in detail on my blog, the screenshots and detailed descriptions.