Natural Stone Materials

In recent years, the most important criteria in the field of construction and decoration of the surrounding area have become environmentally friendly and natural materials. Rejecting all kinds of synthetic substitutes, we return to materials, which for many centuries, used for construction and finishing works – to a tree and natural stone. Suddenly there were rumors that natural stone is radioactive, it seems ridiculous, but he raised quite a stir among potential buyers. Where did this rumor? As far as a real basis for it under itself has? Generally speaking the radioactivity of stone, the conversation is immediately reduced to the radioactivity of granites. The point that it was the granites were formed by the outpouring of magma, and hence they present a number of radioisotopes, as well as in almost everything that is extracted from the bowels of the earth, such as concrete or tap water. As for the various sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of sedimentary origin (marble, limestone, sandstone, shale, quartzite, etc.), then with respect to their radioactivity say no correctly. In Russia, “Standards of Radiation Protection” which all the materials of natural stone can be divided into 3 classes radiobezopasnosti.

Valuation carried out by the parameter “Specific effective activity. Materials attributable to the first class shall be used in newly constructed residential and public buildings, with specific effective activity (Aeff m) should not exceed 370 Bq / kg.