Studio System

Learning a language is important both for personal development as to take advantage of this very competitive society, either through a school or an Academy, a distance course via the internet, or self-learning way, the Studio system that applies, will be an essential part, that if goes adrift, without a clear path (the order of topics)It is probable that the progress fence more slowly than desired, with Studio System I am referring to the diagram that presents a course, to the order of the topics and lessons, and this is a part where the large number of language schools fail, since some base their system of study on models ineffective teaching classics like for example teach grammar from the beginning when the student barely knows the pronounsThis being an unnatural way to learn language. entonses which would be a system of effective study? Personally I think that a system of effective study is one that is based on the natural learning of our first language, I mean children as ourselves to learn in the following order:-first words Basic (with regular pronunciation) children’s stories in English – more words basic – a bit of grammar – improve and Polish pronunciation – more words and phrases something more complex as time step and the more important that we take to learn our language are the basic words, how many more learn the child more quickly improve in other steps.(free English) as time to learn English, I recommend choosing a system that begins with the teaching of the words most used in English, in this way the other steps that are grammar and pronunciation (along with hearing or listening) is made relatively more easy to countries and nationalities in English original author and source of the article.