Sewerage Zagorodny (Rural) Houses

Scientific and technological progress is growing rapidly. More recently, the phrase "well-equipped bathroom," so firmly associated with large and small cities. Enjoy the benefits of civilization could only residents of localities where there was a centralized sewerage system. And even then, not always and everywhere – and there are whole streets of cities, where for various reasons, the network is unavailable. Residents of a small settlements, most were content with a wooden structure called the "privy." Unpretentious design and now continues to fulfill its role, the merits of such a system a little, and only drawbacks abound. It is worth say about the most important drawbacks: health security (especially in summer) is poor in winter, in cold weather, make their way "out of necessity" means risking your health. These problems have always tried to solve with different efficiency in the old days used night vases and pots.

Now the domestic market offers many solutions delicate issue. The simplest, but not the cheapest solution is to use composting toilets. They There are 3 types: peat (4000-10000 rubles.), chemical (3000-10000 rubles.) and electric (25000-100000 rub.). Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, overall they have one, you need to make a container of waste as it is required. Peat bio-toilet is the most environmentally friendly, peat compost can be used as fertilizer on the farm. From a chemical toilet complex, used a liquid to dispose.

Electric toilet works on the principle of drying wastes energy and requires good ventilation. The next step in the improvement of a country house is a complete toilet with water flushing. The main problem lies in the disposal of waste waters. Install toilet and bring it to the water in our time is not difficult, but make a local system of cleaning your hands is quite difficult. It is best to order the project in the organization, followed by installing the system. However, all these actions require substantial financial outlays. You can also choose your favorite design, dig a trench on the site (by following all the manufacturer's recommendations!) install a septic tank, connect it to drain and enjoy the benefits of civilization.