Not does you that customers hire you work or buy products that you presupuestaste under the price by mistake? They have clinical eye to detect errors. If you cotizas expensive you do not buy, if you cotizas low lose money. That is why it is essential to quote properly. Many times the mistakes are made in the accounts, the calculations. If you apply this technique that I’m going to give that you will not happen. The majority of employers has a computer and a calculator on your desktop.

And they used the calculator to make accounts, think about it again is like using a Swiss army knife to manufacture a car! Let us be reasonable, a calculator you out of a tight spot but is not a professional tool. By its dimensions, its screen, its functions and its reliability is a tool for amateurs. Some studies show that it is very common to make mistakes using a calculator and the worst thing is that normally not found. How should you make your accounts? Using a spreadsheet for calculations such as Excel. -You have in the computer. -The keyboard has the measure of your fingers. -The screen is much larger so the view does not tire you. -It is reliable.

-You can check the numbers. -You can modify what you need if you detect an error. -You can make multiple accounts without deleting the previous ones. -You can use the results of several calculations to make other calculations and obtain final results. -You can save your calculations as future reference. -You can set and save formulas for calculations that you do normally. This technique of business management is the cornerstone of a system that I’ll explain later. I’m going to teach you how to use spreadsheets to make lists of prices, budgets, billing, costs, inventory, record sales and purchases, schedule tasks, save data of clients and operations and many more things. Or is that it is very important to get used to use a form of calculus to do calculations. Are you going to do now is look if you have Excel, if not you can download free internet program OpenOffice. You are going to open a spreadsheet’s calculation, gonna do some sums putting numbers one below the other and going to familiarize yourself with the different ways to get the result (it’s very simple, you’ll see). When you feel comfortable with this professional tool you will start using it daily for all your calculations. If you do this you are going to achieve greater efficiency, stop making costly mistakes for your company and you’re one step from starting the systematization of a set of tasks that today you are taking too much time. I would like to also put into practice this technique let me your questions and comments in the form that appears below or by clicking on add a comment. I will respond personally.