Next Flight With Destination To Your Studies

With the passage of time the last few years, have been big changes in the educational sphere. Many things have changed for good and evil. It is true that recent times have existed large masses of student immigration in the area of university education. It is clear that those who had immigrated to have better education alone are those that has all the resources possible, but we do not all have the same possibilities. And one of the many questions that we can get would be: what happens to those who do not have the support and resources to towards their education to improved field? And another question would be: what happens to all those who emigrated with few resources, with the purpose of achieving their goals and be somebody in life? There are many questions we can ask ourselves, there are many different situations; We have foreign students with few resources or without resources, we have national students without resources. And finally we have both types of students, foreigners and nationals to they have to study under unjust and unbearable environments. A clear example is students who are professors who ask for money in exchange for notes or diplomas, among other famous cases, etc. In the case of many foreign students for example, there is one of the most famous cases: students who suffer discrimination.

In the case of all those who are students often happens that we are not satisfied with our education, by little encouraged teachers to teach that do not provide sufficient and necessary information. And many cases also include students without financial resources, willing to study and get ahead, struggling every day to pay a student career that can help them succeed in life. If we continue talking about education, we will give that there are innumerable cases and problems. Each one different from the other. Problems that we have not yet heard or lived it all go through different situations and many by the same situations.

Rest assured that there are many other students as each passing through the same situations, perhaps hoping to find a solution to the problems. This is why if you are a student and you’ve gone through any of these problems, or suffer from any other problem, whatever that is you we invite to share them here. Describe your problems, your experiences in College, wherever that you study, whether national or foreign. Tell us as your educational environment and the relationship with your professors. He says that problems exist in your education and how you think they can be changed or improved, we all want to hear your opinions! Discuss and share. All seek a better education!