The heating system of residential houses is a set of elements for receiving, transporting, and transferring the required amount of heat in a heated room. Traditional heating systems includes the following items: a boiler, pipes, pump, radiators (convector). Boiler. By Material exchanger modern boilers are divided into steel, cast iron and brass. The first two types most common. Virtually all types of modern boilers have automatic control system of various parameters.

Pipes – an integral part of the heating system. To date, the main types of pipes used in heating: steel, cast iron, copper and plastic. Circulating pump – an important element in the organization of heat transfer. Pump design involves immersing the basic elements (impeller and rotor), the pumped liquid. The most advanced models of pumps fitted with a device for frequency regulation.

This allows us to accurately choose the mode of operation of the unit. Radiators (coil) – the heater, the latter link in the chain of the heating system. Directly from him the consumer gets warm. If circulating heating air passes through the surface heating, ie process is basically the nature of convection, the heating device called a convector. Cold air passing through it, heats up quickly and rises. Convector, as a rule, is encased heating element (sometimes without it), heat exchangers which are made of steel or copper pipes with steel or aluminum fins. Radiators – another type of device, which sends the share of heat by radiation. Radiators classified according to performance and constructional material. Cast iron radiators – the most famous and common form of such radiators. Basically this is two-channel, interconnected sections whose number can vary, depending on the required power. Cast-iron radiators are quite reliable, practical, despite all the apparent shortcomings: a large thermal inertia, a long heating, the complexity . The main advantage of such radiators is that they are well adapted for the Russian supply systems with predominantly single-tube performance and low water. They possess high corrosion resistance, chemical neutrality, good heat conductivity and durability.