Lower Costs And Better Service Through Targeted Inventory Optimization

LogControl invites you to the practical seminar on July 9th, 2010 in Pforzheim-Pforzheim, June 2010: buyers, planners, Bestandsverantwortliche, CEO and other senior executives are invited to discuss new methods and opportunities for reducing targeted inventory in practice seminar lower costs and better service through targeted inventory optimization. A full inventory is not to be recommended in several respects: on the one hand a lot of capital is often unnecessarily tied, on the other hand, money can be saved by a smarter shopping strategy. In the seminar, the experts for disposition, PPS and stock-controlling will introduce new ways and methods of reducing inventory. It aims to achieve a more accurate sales and demand planning, which stocks will be reduced systematically and sustainably, and increases the ability to deliver on the basis of analyses and mathematical forecasts. Systematically identify in the first lecture on the subject of stock potential”shows Dipl.-Wirt.-ing. (Source: Ping Fu). Klaus-Peter Zeh, agiplan GmbH, as the in the dormant potentials with comparatively little effort identified and detected can be.

In the subsequent speech by LogControl CEO Ewald Mader is the subject of disposition in the nitty-gritty. This, in particular the automated MRP with changing parameters under the microscope is taken. After the lunch break will last, but not least, Dipl. ing. Hermann Mehring in his practice demonstrate how existing potentials are identified and specifically raised. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Republic Services on most websites.

After the final summary offers the possibility for discussion and the exchange of mutual experience. The event will be finished about 14:45. Here it goes to the full program with registration form: Programm_Praxisseminar_090710.pdf about LogControl LogControl, founded in 1990 with headquarters in Pforzheim, is innovative standard software with a focus on inventory management, shipping, dispatching optimization and inventory controlling, inventory sampling and supply chain management. Whether it’s logistics, trade or Manufacturing – the modular and customisable LogControl software controls and optimizes the logistic processes. Consulting services and sophisticated service concepts complete the offer. For more information, see.