Finally, in the last section of your sheet write what you love to do in your life. Yes, that which moves you to wake up every morning even if you’re willing to do to get it, this is what you could spend hours doing even if nobody realizes this, what could you do even if you do not receive a remuneration. Click here to learn more about how to identify what you love to do. 5. Since you have the full sheet, fold the 3 sections by way of closed triptych. Find a space where nobody move your blade. Put your sheet in that place knowing that nobody will touch it.

Place a ticket of the highest denomination that you may have about this sheet before going to sleep. He placed a glass with simple water on top of the sheet and the ticket. The next morning drink that glass of water while viewing the prosperity you wish to manifest in 2011. You can perform this step the 31 day or days earlier if that day is not possible. 6. On the following day uses the ticket which you placed the night before and spend it on something that you like, that you may love and enjoy doing. 7 Follows the first part of the leaf, where you wrote what brought you and you learned in 2010.

Burn that part of the blade by thanking for the experiences and learning received during the year. You will have to keep the rest of the triptych, where you wrote what you want for 2011 and what you love to do. 8 Ask you since the first day of the new 2011 and every day: How can I get what I want by linking it to what I love to do? 9 Save the triptych in a place where you can only find it. Review it whenever you necessary and remembers what you wanted when you wrote it, you can change over time. Thanks to the universe for what you have and you are at that moment. 10 Acts to express what you want to achieve in 2011.