This demonstrates that for better that they are our intentions, for greater that are our zeal, no matter how hard this wants to help, to carry through the workmanship, remains mysterious, occults to our eyes and agreement. God only knows what he is better. It only determines when and where and as the workmanship he must be carried through. All our agreement must be taken captive to the obedience of Christ. This everything until of the one to understand, but exists another obstacle that is hard to accept? to want to carry through the workmanship and to be hindered not for God, but for the devil. Pablo had this terrible experience: For what we wanted well, one and another time, to go to have with you, at least I, Pablo, but he hindered us to the Satan.

1 Ts 2.18. My God, is incredible! Others exist many that, ahead of an impediment, before knowing the etiology of the thing, already go saying: – You the moored one! You the reprehended one! Not accepted! You the burnt one, the Satan! The impediment falls all for land! You the destroyed all the action of the devil! I floor in your head, demon! Arcanjo Miguel goes to come with its unseamed sword! They now go down the angels, querubins, serafins, the troops of fire! It seems until pretty, it seems logical, but before if saying any of these things, we go to be imitating of apstolo Pablo, bending the head and saying: Sir, either made your will, thus in the land as in the sky. I have talked with some brothers, mature in the workmanship Mr., and we have fond of the conclusion that the workmanship of God is not so previsible how much it seems to the times. All army is very well trained for the war, but in each body of troops special groups exist that are convoked to the part for forces. Groups are that receive a training differentiated, special, sophisticated, specific. A common soldier never would imagine the tricks, adestramentos, treinos, exercises, techniques, secrets and mysteries that are necessary to leave a member of these troops of the ready elite to face its first mission.

Many times these missions demand, also, a highest knowledge of technology, in the use of devices, the knowledge of cartography, anatomy, first socorros, martial telecommunication, arts and other similar things. The worker of God is not behind. It has that to penetrate in the labyrinths of the devotion, the Biblical knowledge, sensitivity spiritual, the obedience, the discernment and also of the ousadia, the courage, the disposal, the unfastening and the love. He has that to fulfill to the scratch what Joo said apstolo: ‘ ‘ That one that says that it is in it, also must walk as it andou’ ‘. 1 Jo 2,6. It makes to this to remember me the artifice that a translator had that to use when ‘ needed to translate into an African tribe the expression; ‘ in truth, truth, you digo’ ‘. The problem is that ‘ did not exist the word; ‘ verdade’ ‘ in the original language. What to make? It, then, translated the words of Jesus thus: ‘ ‘ It is not trick, is not brincadeira’ ‘. He is what we remember to the loved workers Mr.: ‘ ‘ It is not trick! ‘ ‘.