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Before the crisis should be given preferences to "As" instead of asking "why me." This last question will only serve to manufacture excuses, justifications or simply fall into a poor piece of paper from helpless victim believe me you do not help at all to resolve at this time what you may be suffering. At this point takes pencil and paper, write all the questions you can think of and use "like", "that", "when" to develop them in any way but because, unless within that, because your faith move to open the floodgates to solutions and alternatives, if not forget it, exercise your ability to empower powerful questions and invite you to think in terms of possible solutions and alternatives. It is very important that you are aware that your mood is critical to achieving stay connected and vibrating in the emotions that concern us, those we power, such as trust, love, peace, joy, internal security, ecstasy, faith, these states are to enhance your personal power. Therefore we must make a conscious effort to locate DAILY in those states that energize us, this is not fantasy, this is a reality, and if we wish to raise the company's most important on this planet are YOU AND YOUR FAMILY believe me you will need massive amounts of energy and vitality and this is not achieved by chance, this is done with intelligence, perseverance and conscious effort. Given the crisis we have to take stock of all available tools to keep our mood elevated, and leave as soon as possible disabling states. .

Sewerage Zagorodny (Rural) Houses

Scientific and technological progress is growing rapidly. More recently, the phrase "well-equipped bathroom," so firmly associated with large and small cities. Enjoy the benefits of civilization could only residents of localities where there was a centralized sewerage system. And even then, not always and everywhere – and there are whole streets of cities, where for various reasons, the network is unavailable. Residents of a small settlements, most were content with a wooden structure called the "privy." Unpretentious design and now continues to fulfill its role, the merits of such a system a little, and only drawbacks abound. It is worth say about the most important drawbacks: health security (especially in summer) is poor in winter, in cold weather, make their way "out of necessity" means risking your health. These problems have always tried to solve with different efficiency in the old days used night vases and pots.

Now the domestic market offers many solutions delicate issue. The simplest, but not the cheapest solution is to use composting toilets. They There are 3 types: peat (4000-10000 rubles.), chemical (3000-10000 rubles.) and electric (25000-100000 rub.). Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, overall they have one, you need to make a container of waste as it is required. Peat bio-toilet is the most environmentally friendly, peat compost can be used as fertilizer on the farm. From a chemical toilet complex, used a liquid to dispose.

Electric toilet works on the principle of drying wastes energy and requires good ventilation. The next step in the improvement of a country house is a complete toilet with water flushing. The main problem lies in the disposal of waste waters. Install toilet and bring it to the water in our time is not difficult, but make a local system of cleaning your hands is quite difficult. It is best to order the project in the organization, followed by installing the system. However, all these actions require substantial financial outlays. You can also choose your favorite design, dig a trench on the site (by following all the manufacturer's recommendations!) install a septic tank, connect it to drain and enjoy the benefits of civilization.

Building Materials

Plastering – a very difficult process, which depends on many important processes. Plastering – the removal of the roughness of construction, finishing, as well as giving them the desired shape and desired texture. It is in such situations acts plaster – coat of developed products. The plaster is applied more often in buildings. Plaster has features such as good water vapor permeability, water-repellent svoystvomi, weathering, and many other qualities that may have only good plaster. But we must not forget that the quality of plaster depends on the developed surface on which it is imposed from humidity, the type of overlays, from a professional who does the work. So when you purchase a good plaster and do not forget about the importance of the choice of the worker.

After all, underpaid once, you have to do it again, because plaster tend to deteriorate and fall off, that not everyone wants – a big financial loss. Make a quality choice! On the cement is our home. Cement is not a single species, many of them: this is Portland, portland slag cement, hydrophobic, fast-curing, pozzolan, expanding, plasticized, alumina, sulfate, straining, oil-well, white cement. Each kind of their purpose, which used in some construction projects. Cement is irreplaceable, and with every passing decade, it is improving. Time stands still and if a few years, decades ago, creating one type of cement, which were all structures, it is now creating many types, and the customer is entitled to order the one that he 'taste', more or less quality or less quality. A professional should not offer only one type of cement, but It is recommended to give the customer a choice. Thermal insulation foam – this insulating material consisting of foam polystyrene.

The foam clean and healthy building material that can be productively use in construction and other industries. The foam is used to create sandwich panels used for the device heated sidewalks, access platforms, parking cars, warmth and waterproofing communications for pipe insulation and insulating foundations. Also, foam plates showed himself very well as a means for storage and to move. If you do not know what it is, then Remember your ceilings, it is an example of a design approach. The foam has a high resistance to water, salt solutions, lime and alkalis and many other things, it almost does not absorb liquid. Foam has low thermal conductivity, so in some cases the foam is used as insulating material. Why do you want to choose this material? Because the use of foam in the repair work will reduce the cost of the product and reduce the cost of installation and adjustment boards.


Currently, on my local host, installed and are thriving projects executed by DLE, Mosquito, PHPMelody, WP, Neutrino, DIYAN. Such the multiple or multi-project, laid the basis for the concept of 'Denver' and well implemented. All CMS, as mentioned above, installed on the local server 'Denver'. Server installation is not difficult, even for a novice user. Carefully read the instructions and perform it well when you install the 'Denver'. On my blog detailed instructions for installing the server, "Denver 'PHPMelody – cms to create a video portal.

Convenient admin panel, easy to add video, 16 languages, including Russian. 38 video sources. Add a video made by adding the address of the file. The file is not stored on the server! For registered users, includes a number of bonuses, like the ability to add up to 10 videos per day, the right to add articles, comment, etc. private office. WordPress-think, needs no introduction, easy cms, easy to install, functional expansion is performed by adding additional plug-ins. Plugins razraotano thousands, for all occasions.

The set of plug-ins have been translated into Russian language. Mosquito and Neutrino are one type of CMS, without using the database MySQL. The data in these CMS are stored in plain text files. Characterized by very low resource consumption and excellent performance. DLE-perfect CMS, low system requirements, fast, functional. On the basis of DLE, sozdayutsyaprekrasnye projects, news, warez, movies, etc. You should not forget however, that DLE and PHPMelody, to be paid for CMS, although there are free versions of the so-called nulled, with some limitations. Templates are both free and can purchase individual under your project. Installing CMS PHPMelody, Mosquito and Neutrino, WordPress, itemized in detail on my blog, the screenshots and detailed descriptions.

Natural Stone Materials

In recent years, the most important criteria in the field of construction and decoration of the surrounding area have become environmentally friendly and natural materials. Rejecting all kinds of synthetic substitutes, we return to materials, which for many centuries, used for construction and finishing works – to a tree and natural stone. Suddenly there were rumors that natural stone is radioactive, it seems ridiculous, but he raised quite a stir among potential buyers. Where did this rumor? As far as a real basis for it under itself has? Generally speaking the radioactivity of stone, the conversation is immediately reduced to the radioactivity of granites. The point that it was the granites were formed by the outpouring of magma, and hence they present a number of radioisotopes, as well as in almost everything that is extracted from the bowels of the earth, such as concrete or tap water. As for the various sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of sedimentary origin (marble, limestone, sandstone, shale, quartzite, etc.), then with respect to their radioactivity say no correctly. In Russia, “Standards of Radiation Protection” which all the materials of natural stone can be divided into 3 classes radiobezopasnosti.

Valuation carried out by the parameter “Specific effective activity. Materials attributable to the first class shall be used in newly constructed residential and public buildings, with specific effective activity (Aeff m) should not exceed 370 Bq / kg.

Advantages Of Wood (pine) As A Material

Pine for interior decoration and furniture manufacturing, a material having a number of advantages, no doubt among experts. Those who value health, natural beauty and comfort, opt for pine. In favor of this material in the first place is the fact that the pine tree "breathes" – that there is a kind of natural air conditioner, maintaining optimum humidity in the room, supplying it with oxygen. In addition, pine – is absolutely safe for human health. For example, in comparison with the distribution of materials as chipboard, which includes harmful phenol formaldehyde, pine is completely environmentally safe.

Amber and woody aroma of pine resin improve mood, calm, set up a peaceful way. Covered with a protective lacquer, pine does not lose the natural pattern and color of the wood. Finishing materials of pine distinguishes ecology, the special beauty of wood texture and a very high density. Add to this valuable as a relatively low price and get the ideal material for the one who seeks to decorate your home beautiful tree, and thus not much to spend. Pine produced virtually all types of moldings: Lining, floorboards, wall panels, cladding material for interior and exterior walls. Great spread traditionally receive doors and windows made of pine.

Make this material popular ease of processing and the possibility of toned it in any color. However, the selection of materials from pine, should be take into account qualities such as pitch, the heterogeneity of wood structure and density, and low hardness. That's why pine is not desirable to use in designs that will have to withstand great load (over 500 kg per cu. m).


The heating system of residential houses is a set of elements for receiving, transporting, and transferring the required amount of heat in a heated room. Traditional heating systems includes the following items: a boiler, pipes, pump, radiators (convector). Boiler. By Material exchanger modern boilers are divided into steel, cast iron and brass. The first two types most common. Virtually all types of modern boilers have automatic control system of various parameters.

Pipes – an integral part of the heating system. To date, the main types of pipes used in heating: steel, cast iron, copper and plastic. Circulating pump – an important element in the organization of heat transfer. Pump design involves immersing the basic elements (impeller and rotor), the pumped liquid. The most advanced models of pumps fitted with a device for frequency regulation.

This allows us to accurately choose the mode of operation of the unit. Radiators (coil) – the heater, the latter link in the chain of the heating system. Directly from him the consumer gets warm. If circulating heating air passes through the surface heating, ie process is basically the nature of convection, the heating device called a convector. Cold air passing through it, heats up quickly and rises. Convector, as a rule, is encased heating element (sometimes without it), heat exchangers which are made of steel or copper pipes with steel or aluminum fins. Radiators – another type of device, which sends the share of heat by radiation. Radiators classified according to performance and constructional material. Cast iron radiators – the most famous and common form of such radiators. Basically this is two-channel, interconnected sections whose number can vary, depending on the required power. Cast-iron radiators are quite reliable, practical, despite all the apparent shortcomings: a large thermal inertia, a long heating, the complexity . The main advantage of such radiators is that they are well adapted for the Russian supply systems with predominantly single-tube performance and low water. They possess high corrosion resistance, chemical neutrality, good heat conductivity and durability.

Waterproofing Materials

The rapid growth of construction in the last 10 years (including an individual, with high demands for product quality) gave an unprecedented impetus to the production of building materials. Fierce competition and diversity the proposed solutions require the manufacturer to the ongoing transformation in an attempt to create an ideal waterproofing material. Great was the role of the notorious "know-how, which at one time was the waterproofing penetrating. Waterproofing the market today offers a wide range of materials – different species, subspecies, modifications, and brands. All modern materials can be divided by type or krovlifundamenty can be made on and a myriad of ways to classify this or that kind, but such a classification – too abstract an aid man standing before a particular choice. Identify several basic and most commonly used types of waterproofing: roller and bituminous materials are sent, bitumen-polymer and polyurethane mastic material in the sand-cement-based penetrating action. Each of these species distinguish its pluses and minuses. In each case the same material can be the best or the most irrational decision.

Comparative characteristics of waterproofing Materials (general) Features Roll and bituminous materials sent bitumen-polymer and polyurethane mastic material in the sand-cement-based penetrating. Manufacturability of difficulty process corners, ledges of walls, pipes and I / O, etc. Excellent Excellent elasticity of material (sediment, movement, cracks, expansion joints) Low elasticity (as roofs and foundations) high elasticity (as a roof, so and foundations) Hard (foundations) Average life of waterproofing material data 7-25 years, 7-25 years of life is the same "life" of concrete waterproof Average 4 MPa, 4 MPa 12 MPa Work at positive pressure (outer waterproofing) Yes Yes Yes Work under negative pressure (internal waterproofing) No No Yes If the damage is an area of waterproofing Water "detaches" all linen, if not promptly remove the damaged area Corrected locally – the damaged area.

The Choice Of Flooring Materials

The History of the parquet floor has its roots in ancient times as early as the 16 th century in Russia plank floors were of oak staves, putting them risunkom.Parket popular today not only as an element of decor, but also practical natural good make flooring. The diversity of styling, a combination of different breeds of surprises and delights the eye. It's as simple types of figures: a saber, herringbone, deck, and an art installation: cubes, various types of braided, French Christmas tree, etc. Important detail is the choice of material, because the floor is capable of not only visually change the proportions, but also the mood of the interior and putting in some wood tselom.Rassmotrim parquet. The most widespread and traditional flooring in Russia from the oak.

Oak flooring is durable beautiful material with a pronounced pattern, virtually unchanged level of humidity and having a high rate level of stringency. Slightly less common flooring beech wood structure having a little softer, which allows to better handle this material.Struktura in beech is smooth and bright, wood figure is almost not visible. Similar in hardness with beech – hornbeam, the color is very light, almost monotonous, looks great in any interior. Tougher than oak flooring – parquet, ash, lighter in color with a golden hue, and similar to These wood pattern. The magnificent beauty of parquet flooring is obtained by combining different types of wood flooring during installation art, but you will need to pay attention to furniture and interior design in general, because in essence a sex attracted attention in this regard, the interior of this room should be dimmed, and the furniture rests tightly against the walls and partitions, so as not to bar all the charm of this coating.

Signature Loans No. Credit Check Everyone Is Eligible

Signature loan no credit check is made available with a signature of a person. This loan is meant to meet the small and short term needs. With access to internet, various lending companies have become popular worldwide. Besides this, the mindset of people is growing with broader outlook and borrowing money is no longer considered a taboo. Lending industry is offering a vast range of products. Described below is popular short term product ‘no credit check signature loan’.

As the name suggests, this is a scheme in which the loan seeker is history of credit such as irregular payments, bankruptcy, arrears and forclosures etc are not examined in the process of loan sanctioning. So this makes everybody’s chance of getting the loan approved. In general, this is a loan available barely against one’s signature. Just like payday loan, these loans are offered for short duration. The credit history is not considered and no financial asset is required as security.

Eligibility for availing the loan is mentioned below: A reliable citizen of UK he must have reached the majority age say 18 years he should have a regular employment with income above 12000 UK pounds per annum He should own a bank account in his name existing for three months or more of the application forms are available online. The manual procedure is possible but that is little lengthy, tiresome and overhead expenses incurred in the process are comparatively higher. Most customers prefer online procedure for convenience and ease of operation. Filling up of application is form simple and trouble free. It requires only the basic details of the client, his monthly income and bank account number etc. The customers should furnish correct information and fill up all the columns otherwise it can complicate the process. The lenders so take authority from the applicant to automatically withdraw EMI from the customer’s account on due date. Signature loans no credit check is to easy product especially for people with poor credit record. For availing the loan, no credit check or security is required. Anchin Block pursues this goal as well. Both customers and calendar are p from tiresome procedure of assessment and verification thereby making the money instantly available to the needy. Addy Roy is author of loans n finance. For more information about unsecured loans for people on benefits and 3 month payday loans visit