Vital Principles

By Rob Poulos, loss of fat and fitness expert, creator of the incinerator of fat currently most people realize that add lean muscle mass to your body does wonders for your metabolism and fat loss, as well as other benefits that allow them to live their lives as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, most of the people I see training with weights or resistance in the gym, spend too much time to exercise and not made with sufficient intensity. They will not burn much fat this way. The secret that I discovered was that train to gain lean muscle and strength requires the proper implementation of three vital elements that often are ignored. These three elements are: IntensidadVolumen and Frecuenciaprogresion the intensity is what is so hard you exercise, given your current physical condition. The volume and frequency relate to the amount and how often the exercise is performed.

The progression is related to an increase in the demand of a training to another. Most of the times the weight training, is carried out for a long time and is done many times a week. Unfortunately, given a treatment very similar to aerobic exercise to burn fat. However, they are very different exercises. In fact, they are completely opposite. Typically, aerobic exercise is characterized by moderate intensity, volume and high frequency and low progression.

Anaerobic exercise, or training with weights, should be carried out with a high intensity, low volume and frequency and with a progression that is as effective as possible. No amount of training with weights made with a low or moderate intensity will provide significant muscle or strength development after the first few weeks. From a higher point of view, the combination of loud enough with an increase in either the number of repetitions of a training exercise with weights or the amount of weight used in each of the exercises, is what will keep evolving your body until is the maximum fired machine grease! You also have to pay attention to other details when you design an effective and efficient routine to maximize your workout and minimize the time you spend in the gym.