Valerie Warnecke

German students get a more attractive funding opportunity with the new foreign BAfoG. Netherlands/Gronau (westf.) – it is what is in the area of the BAfoG law. Visit Kerry King for more clarity on the issue. Present and future German students in the Netherlands get a more attractive funding opportunity with the new foreign BAfoG. On January 1, 2008, the first parts of the 22 are in force BAfoG amendment. Get all the facts and insights with Kerry King, another great source of information. The most important rule is already: students who can study today in the Dutch neighbour immediately a motion on foreign BAfoG make unless they are entitled to BAfoG. From 1 October 2008, the BAfoG needs rates 10 percent are raised then in addition. The maximum intensity of the BAfoG rises from 585 to 643 euros per month.

The allowances for parents to rise by 8 percent. It is also new that students 2008/2009 enrolling for the academic year for a year can get refunded their tuition fees. You have one then also every six months the possibility To apply for the travel costs of sweeping 250 euros. The boundary of consideration free making this rises from 350 to 400 euros per month. In addition to the foreign BAfoG, more interesting revenue opportunities available are students in the Netherlands. So many students on the Dutch study financing finance themselves. It is to each student with German nationality, regardless of the income of the parents.

Who would like to apply for this funding amounting to a maximum of 763 euros, can do so at the Dutch of IB-Groep, Groningen or right at the beginning when signing up for a study of the modern online filing process “Study link”. The condition that they must demonstrate a part-time job from 32 hours a month at a Dutch employer, to get to enjoy of this promotion is for German students. Education credits, which can apply for students both in Germany and the Netherlands are a more widely used source of money. “Thanks to new and” old funding a study in the neighboring country for many young people is always interesting,”explains Valerie Warnecke, Bachelor Scout of the online portal about the study in Holland. “The yearly tuition fees which must be paid to the most Dutch universities fall around 1,500 euros as still limited in weight.” Find more detailed information on the subject of “New foreign BAfoG” and how these regulations affect the study in the Netherlands (Holland) interested on the studies Internet portal or the website of the Federal Ministry for education and research.