US War With Vietnam And Korea

Field jacket M-65, the full name of M-1965, COLD WEATHER FIELD COAT WITH HOOD began upgrading Field Jacket M-43 and was developed based on military jackets of World War II. Based on experience with the U.S. war with Vietnam and Korea has been a change in the appearance and construction field jackets. Modernization of the jacket. Field of hostilities during the Second World War Field Jacket M-43 proved to be excellent model, most very well in 1944 (when both entered the regular U.S. Army.) This occurred in the vicinity of Arnhem during the landing of the U.S. Army. A few years after the war ended in 1950 launched a new model of field-jacket M-50.

It was created by based on M-43 jacket, and innovations have touched the lining, it was now a removable and fastened with buttons. A year later, add to this the changes in the design of zipper at its valve, there were also key. Along with this construction of pockets entered the valves on the buttons. As such, the field jacket lasts until 1965, and in that year there was a jacket M-65. It already was in the same modification to what we see and wear it today. our knowledge base. Jacket structural changes had not, but appearance and purpose of the Field Jacket M-65 has significantly changed.

First, it was not just a jacket and clothes for cold weather and took its famous olive-gray color (olive drab) OG-107. A few years later jacket M-65 was produced in several colors black, camouflage desert and forest, tiger stripes, blue and other color options. Internal and external device jacket. If the jacket look at the front, you will see 4 pockets – 2 large and 2 below are not very large at the top of the jacket. Some manufacturers make a pocket inside the jacket to be worn documents. There are laces for tightening in the lumbar and lower jackets. In a lightning thick edges and it is metal. For the very windy weather provided a special clasp on the front of the collar, it reinforces it, and thereby protects the neck. Hood hidden in a pocket, located on the collar, closed with a zipper. Field jacket M-65 have a tag, located in the lining. It bears information on the operation and the appointment of a military jacket. Unique feature is the jacket lining ALS-92, it made of quilted nylon fabric, the color of the jacket itself, which is located inside the polyester. Used for carrying various small items pocket two small offices inside the jacket. The popularity and use. And these days the military around the world are happy to field jacket, M-65. Most manufacturers of clothing for the armies of the jacket copy, and in these days of stock army of any country can find a few copies of this useful things. Daryl Katz, New York City follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. People of non-military specialties are also pleased with the jacket M-65 in hiking, sporting events, hunting and fishing. American youth is especially fond of the jacket M-65 and wears it everyday. Watch the movie, and Robert De Niro you’ll see it in the M-65. Revise Rambo. Sylvester Stallone, First Blood will appear just in this jacket. Remember the Terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger! It is a jacket M-65! Himself, Osama bin Laden did not disdain this jacket! Field jacket M-65 manufactured by companies such as Alpha Industries, Propper and several others.