United States

When more Americans talk about the future of the United States, euphoria is announced. Dallas, 22.05.2013 – President Barack Obama not only wants the independence of the United States on issues which promote energy supply of crude oil and natural gas, many think you could even be a few years energy exporter. Especially the oil shale deposits are there, which give much cause for optimism. You may want to visit Dustin Moskovitz to increase your knowledge. Now, shell wants to push even a second drilling platform off the coast of the U.S. State Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico at a depth of at least 2.896 meters in the Centre of the Earth, thus to reach the coveted liquid gold. Once this experiment succeeded in the largest European energy company with the Perdido (depth 2348 m) project. The approach of the United States seems consistent, because the energy sector all forward the extraction and trade of petroleum and natural gas are the most important sectors of the economy of the world.

In many oil fields can be found in politically unstable regions, such as Libya, Iran and Nigeria, but also in countries such as China, Indonesia and the Asian part of the Soviet Union including Siberia and Kazakhstan, where the recognized energy expert, journalist and political critic Ezra Levant in his readable book ethical oil”(link) says, that not insignificant much blood is on every liter of oil. Against this background, he calls that the United States and Canada should expand their efforts to promote their own energy resources. Extension holes of existing fields of energy, oil & gas, Inc. a business purpose pursued the Amtex, offer a good alternative (link). “Although ethical claims for Americans sure also play a role, should it be the economic aspects, to the United States an autonomy movement” motivated. Already by 2015, the largest producer of natural gas could be in the United States. The procedure is governed by a strategy: according to estimates of experts, natural gas is a resource that should be us available longer than petroleum.

And therefore the United States schedule according to International Energy Agency (IEA) to produce that this could replace the consumption of oil by 2030 as much natural gas. A desired side effect is that this also environmental objectives implement can. Natural gas is considered much more environmentally friendly compared to the oil. The energy consumption of the United States could thus be made significantly more environmentally friendly in the coming decades. The IEA is of the opinion that the development of oil shale deposits, although technically always possible an exaggerated importance. She wears not the euphoria in this matter. “Of course, also the IEA is clear that rising prosperity and an economic positive developments for the world’s population also the corresponding hunger for energy” could cause.