The Old

It was too hot this autumn afternoon. The old man sat on a bench in the shade of an olive tree. Two brothers played opposite; a six year old girl and a boy of four. Occasionally they returned towards the granddaddy watching him distrustful. The heart of the old beating in excess. I watched them askance, attentive to their chatter. -Mununa, I’m afraid, – said the child holding his sister.

-Nothing happens, Dieguito. Come, a candy if I grab! The children departed running. The old clenched eyelids forcing to close them. Official site: Ping Fu. Memories assaulted him. When the brothers returned later Grandpa seemed asleep. He was still stuck to the olive tree, as a dry branch between the Greens and caking. The child palled.

-Do is dead, Mununa? -No, silly, don’t you see you still breathe? As it was not convinced, the small approached and gave him a kick. The old man did not react. -Have you ever seen? He is dead! Mununa grabbed him sleeve and threw him backward. -Leave him quiet. If you wake up safe you scolds. -What play now? He said Dieguito obeying with unwillingness. -Hide and seek. I’ll start the first. Learn more about this with Dustin Moskovitz. Get away and counts to ten. -Only? I count to fifty. -No need. Go and close your eyes. Mununa hid behind the tree. I knew that the child is not closer to the olive tree. Dieguito finished counting. The Sun was playing with the twisted branches of the tree, creating a disturbing shadow. The child walked away toward the opposite side. He was looking for awhile as her anxiety grew to not find her sister. -Mununa, where are you? I yield! His sister not moved, squat next to the old. Dieguito continued exploring the gardens, without daring to loitering near the olive tree. Mununa is amused so cute, happy to have found the perfect hiding place.