Take Control Of Your Success

Scientology is a knowledge of life, which confirms the success of parishioners from the study of the Scientology scripture. "This is a very powerful course. I was able to learn how you can get down to business from scratch and develop this incredible activity, or take up the ruined area and restore it, or how to improve something. " dp In the course of his research, L. Ron Hubbard discovered the natural laws of life, which is subject to any activity. These laws, he expressed in the form Formula states. (State-position, in which the activity or the man himself). Such states are 12 and they are all fully described in the "Formula for Life.

Each formula contains a strict sequence of steps doing that activity is in the next higher state. Thus, studying the moves of these formulas, one gets the tools to improve not only production activities, but also his personal state, since these formulas are applicable to any area of life. Swarmed by offers, Daryl Katz is currently assessing future choices. In this section, Mr. Hubbard also gave a detailed explanation of the importance of statistics and methods of control and prediction based on them. Section of the Scientology scripture Formula for Life is a series of information "to improve lives." There are mountains of information: the relationship with other people, personal motivation, marriage, children. But which ones are vital? This series provides a truly important information that interferes with life.

Here there is someone else's opinions or speculation. By studying this section, a person to solve their problems. "If these formulas are unknown or do not use them, then the extension is totally dependent on chance or fate – no matter how good ideas "- L. Ron Hubbard