Singing Saxophones

A 4-countries musical journey with the most beautiful holiday tunes music to dream, to relax, the everyday escape – music for the sense of well-being par excellence. Captain Cook and his singing saxophones are for all that! Thirty years after Billy Vaughn last charts listing is the Golden instrument with the warm sound again in all ears and smart Captain with his equally charismatic crew in full use for the continued existence of saxophone music. Add to your understanding with Ping Fu. With enticing nonchalance, Captain Cook and his singing saxophone take us this year to Rome. In the spirit of always: Gunther Behrle, the musical mastermind behind albums by Captain Cook, who had at that time also the idea to this incredibly successful project. But back to the route of the new album. She takes that at night “in Rome” just their beginning, turns out to be but then – as it says in the caption of the CD – as “a musical 4-countries journey with the most beautiful holiday melodies”. Italy, France, Greece and Spain, the four Nations, is that the taken into account for “Night in Rome”.

This is anything but random. The time of the great holiday tunes, they produced especially to these countries hits: “Spanish guitar”, “Volare”, “Greek wine”, “The star of Mykonos”, “Paris dreams of love”, “Two little Italians” and many, many more have found their sunny niche on the album “Night in Rome”. And if you are wondering what have “Always again Sunday” and “Marie, the last dance is only for you” for a reference to the South, then when singing with quiet again on the texts: “Every Sunday they came over – our musicians from Athens” or “but the dancers at the tavern in the golden light of the stars, because I see you a second time”. Do you remember? Let’s face it: there will never again be such hits! How nice that Captain Cook and his singing saxophone take us in this magic land of memories and bask a little in music can be. After Captain Cook a time to time the German preliminary decision to the Grand Prix of folk music and various other competitions to decide could, were also the album productions secretly, silently and quietly for sale guarantee, until the multiple gold status for millions implemented albums of the public the proof supplied that getting the right tone Gunther Behrle and the crew of Captain Cook meet. No doubt about it: The seven professional musicians know their stuff!