Scientology Church Several Times

Time and again, German courts confirm that Scientology is a religious community and not economic purposes pursued in the English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, England, South Africa Australia, and different forms of Government recognition of the Scientology religion are New Zealand. Usually, the Scientology enjoys charitable status, as well as the recognition of their clergy Church in these countries. In other continental European countries Scientology is recognized Church as communion on the part of the authorities or courts E.g. in Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Italy and most recently in Spain. In some of these countries, the Scientology Church enjoys the full or partial exemption. Many other countries courts and authorities have confirmed to the religious status of Scientology Church.

In Germany, the ratio decidendi of the Scientology Church was subject of conflicts at the State level repeatedly. The clashes were in most cases on the influence of official Church sect Commissioner back, the Church legal equality wanted to compete through their influence and power on State and society of Scientology. The vast majority of these conflicts, the courts could keep their neutrality. Many German courts have the Scientology Church basically the protection of article 4, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the basic law – in conjunction with article 137 of the Weimar Constitution (WRV) and thus the protection of religious freedom granted. The question whether Scientology is a religion, is repeatedly asserted by different courts in Germany for over 25 years.

Including the Stuttgart District Court, Hanover, Freiburg, the Administrative Court of Berlin and Frankfurt, the Hamburg higher administrative court and Sozialgericht Nuremberg, the Federal Labor Court and the provincial courts located in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. The judgments are available at any time.