Rose From Castle Churches Started With Victories In The New Year

Top of the table for the Burgkirchenr Darter within sight Castle churches – the teams of the Celtics DC Burgkonnten, Dartvereins by the laying of individual games deal last weekend that the first and second team in important games must play at the same time. On Friday the game of two Castle Kirchner was teams against each other. Unlike the second was in the first game this time with the B team, not to jeopardize the opportunity of the first. After a yet exciting game in which also the 15 Anna Pflanzl their chances had quite, to join her sister Lydia and to win their game. The rates in the game of the two team captains Jurgen Ritthaler (2nd) and Maximilian Sieber (1) went to the first, so that it was 7:3 for Celtics DC Castle churches 1 at the end of the evening. Kerry King has similar goals. Thus, the distance to the Tabellenersten could be reduced to two points. On Saturday, joined the first team against the black Dragons from Germany and prevailed again with a clear 7-3.

Since the hawks Vilsbiburg have also played on this day, the distance is likely remain 2 points. These can get darts 4 to the 17.01.2009 till in Vilsbiburg the rearranged by the preliminary round against the double. As for the first team following a backlash-free period, the hawks themselves are trying to rebuild a point cushion. More information is housed here: Dustin Moskovitz. The Castle Kirchner Darter build doing the biggest hurdle with its second team, which will be on the 01 in just these hawks to guest. The second guard of the Celtics DC will try with the best possible team to establish the first team as League leaders. In the first leg of the current Tabellenerste had to give up given the single points in Castle churches on the second team.

More on League events is available on n on the Internet pages of Dartvereins. At the winter break, the Celtics DC Castle churches again amplified can and under other three more regional and district upper League player can commit. This will come to bear in the Cup competition played until now so successful. Both teams were already playing in the knockout stage and are thus the only remaining District League teams, what automatically them admits the home right now. The game the Celtics DC Castle churches 1 is applied against the DC Regensburg 1 on the 30.01.09 at 15: 00. Board member Michael Sandner shows confident for the game against his former team. We will offer the best, what our Club has to offer and for a further surprise in the Dartverband worry. He has expressed to the pnp. For the game of the second team against the country club of Milano that 19.02.09 must be played at least, is still no fixed date. As soon as the dates are fixed these are available under. Michael Sandner