Rosberg Process

A challenge is to automate Rosberg Engineering (Karlsruhe) process plants, fifty years. The increasing size of the plants and the growing complexity of the procedures call for constant reorientation. Since 1962, the Rosberg engineering turns GmbH, Karlsruhe, this challenge and duly celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company now 2012 ( Founded as a small Engineering Office, the now medium-sized companies evolved into the internationally successful, vendor-independent automation. Nearly 100 employees at five locations in Germany and China provide the necessary customer proximity. The basic and detail engineering for the automation of process and manufacturing systems and also the configuration belongs to the range, many companies on Rosberg as a vendor-independent system integrator trust delivery and commissioning of process control systems.

In addition the automation specialist, has extensive Design and application experience when using programmable logic controllers of all marketable products. A modern workshop for the manufacture of customer-specific switch cabinets completes the service offer. In the field of information technology, the company more than 20 years of experience with database-based I & c CAE system PRODOK is internationally successful. Since 2007, a system is also offered with LiveDOK, providing efficient access to the electronic system documentation as well as the care and consistency throughout the entire life cycle. The I & c CAE system Prodok modern process plants can be operated only be effective if the data from the planning phase for operation, maintenance and modernisation are available. Investment reality (as-built) and documentation need to reliably match. Only when all the data are consistent, costly new entries and unnecessary engineering effort can be avoided.

Right here is the I & c CAE system Prodok. It provides for an integrated planning process after uniform rules. Because all data in the same system are won and replaced, there is no trouble annoying transmission errors. The features include basic planning, function planning, implementation planning and Assembly planning in the new planning, change and complement planning and operational support. It supports the complete life cycle of a plant. With its continuous and consistent documentation Prodok ensures that at any time the complex reality is reflected in the documentation. Significant quality and efficiency and a significant time and cost savings are the result. Investment security arises through the wide dissemination of the system and the use of advanced software technology. Documentation made easy current investigations have shown that the effectiveness of plant personnel increasing exponentially with the up-to-date level of the plant documentation. LiveDOK has been designed for the processes and issues of operational support and cut. The system makes final the mountains of paper and with the time-consuming searching for documents. LiveDOK accompanied the entire life cycle of the documentation about the comfortable use starting in establishing prior to the inspection of changed documents. With the LiveDOK browser, the navigation and search within an electronic filing and the modification of documents through powerful and intuitive usable tools become child’s play. The redlining palette ranges from handwriting input about marking, strikethrough to dynamic stamps and much more.