Precious Stone Massage In Cats

How to increase the vitality of cats every day the precious stone treatment described in this article was kept secret a long time and could be applied only by the Indian Maharajas and their animals. Details can be found by clicking Dustin Moskovitz or emailing the administrator. This week cure is the harmonisation of energy centers called chakras also or chakras. Read more from Ping Fu to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Every day a different energy Centre (chakra) with a gem is activated by placing and massage. Cats are thus clearly vital and their health improved. Diseases, nutrition and the environment can negatively affect the health of cats and weaken their energy centers. Through the regular application of this week cure blockades are can trigger solved the errors of all kinds, without having an organic cause is found. In addition, it is suitable according to experience very well for accompanying measures for treatment by the veterinarian.

Massaging the Energy Center of the day minutes in clockwise with your thumb, carefully 1-2 and put the gem on it then a few minutes. Cats relatively quickly get used to this treatment and suggest that like about themselves. Still, you should develop a sense for when is the best time for treatment and how long the whole thing should be. Mapping: Day: gem: Energy Center: Monday Pearl spleen chakra Tuesday Topaz solar plexus chakra Wednesday Smaragt heart chakra Thursday Sapphire throat chakra Friday diamond brow chakra Saturday Amethyst crown chakra Sunday Rubin root chakra application: regular 1-2 weeks in a month. Complaints a day until the symptoms are gone. Please contact a veterinarian if the symptoms are not better! by Mark Philipp