This demonstrates that for better that they are our intentions, for greater that are our zeal, no matter how hard this wants to help, to carry through the workmanship, remains mysterious, occults to our eyes and agreement. God only knows what he is better. It only determines when and where and as the workmanship he must be carried through. All our agreement must be taken captive to the obedience of Christ. This everything until of the one to understand, but exists another obstacle that is hard to accept? to want to carry through the workmanship and to be hindered not for God, but for the devil. Pablo had this terrible experience: For what we wanted well, one and another time, to go to have with you, at least I, Pablo, but he hindered us to the Satan.

1 Ts 2.18. My God, is incredible! Others exist many that, ahead of an impediment, before knowing the etiology of the thing, already go saying: – You the moored one! You the reprehended one! Not accepted! You the burnt one, the Satan! The impediment falls all for land! You the destroyed all the action of the devil! I floor in your head, demon! Arcanjo Miguel goes to come with its unseamed sword! They now go down the angels, querubins, serafins, the troops of fire! It seems until pretty, it seems logical, but before if saying any of these things, we go to be imitating of apstolo Pablo, bending the head and saying: Sir, either made your will, thus in the land as in the sky. I have talked with some brothers, mature in the workmanship Mr., and we have fond of the conclusion that the workmanship of God is not so previsible how much it seems to the times. All army is very well trained for the war, but in each body of troops special groups exist that are convoked to the part for forces. Groups are that receive a training differentiated, special, sophisticated, specific. A common soldier never would imagine the tricks, adestramentos, treinos, exercises, techniques, secrets and mysteries that are necessary to leave a member of these troops of the ready elite to face its first mission.

Many times these missions demand, also, a highest knowledge of technology, in the use of devices, the knowledge of cartography, anatomy, first socorros, martial telecommunication, arts and other similar things. The worker of God is not behind. It has that to penetrate in the labyrinths of the devotion, the Biblical knowledge, sensitivity spiritual, the obedience, the discernment and also of the ousadia, the courage, the disposal, the unfastening and the love. He has that to fulfill to the scratch what Joo said apstolo: ‘ ‘ That one that says that it is in it, also must walk as it andou’ ‘. 1 Jo 2,6. It makes to this to remember me the artifice that a translator had that to use when ‘ needed to translate into an African tribe the expression; ‘ in truth, truth, you digo’ ‘. The problem is that ‘ did not exist the word; ‘ verdade’ ‘ in the original language. What to make? It, then, translated the words of Jesus thus: ‘ ‘ It is not trick, is not brincadeira’ ‘. He is what we remember to the loved workers Mr.: ‘ ‘ It is not trick! ‘ ‘.

Catalonia Place

Many of them helped in the reconstruction of the camping. The volunteers were in charge to clean all the place. They will maintain a pacific attitude before the fans who go to celebrate a supposed victory of the Bara in the Champions. Hundreds of citizens of all the ages have visited the place of Catalonia, to animate ' indignados' to follow with its protest, and others to collaborate in the reorganization of the camping after the police operation of this Friday, that has obtained more adhesions than ever to the protest movement. Families with children who have participated in painting factories organized by the encamped ones, people majors that have attended the spontaneous interventions on the facts of this Friday and the situation of the country, peculiar, and people of all the ages have turned east Saturday the place into an authentic celebration. First that has done this morning ' indignados' she has been to leave the clean place like " one patena" , to only demonstrate that the police action of, with the excuse of which there was to clean, was unnecessary yesterday and they tried to evacuate them. You sweep, dishwashers, water, soap and lye has been used by brigades of young people to clean to the ample center circle of the place of Catalonia by far greater zeal than in the previous days of encamped.

Now what everybody delay is to see the position that will be taken with respect to a possible celebration in the near Boulevard of a victory of the F.C. Barcelona in the end of the Champions, a decision that the encamped ones will adopt in an assembly, according to has said. They have remembered, through an official notice sent to the mass media, that before the celebrations that can be produced will have " a pacific and respectful attitude, since they are doing until now " , and that " there will be no type of provocation towards the people who celebrate the title, in case of victory of the Bara".

Respect for People

Recently it was in a familiar celebration. Between the friendly presents, I had opportunity to chat with which it works in a company of the local scope. In that company (with more than 20 years in the market) it is for 4 or 5 years. He was pleasant to listen to it! Questions, answers less, a small summary than speaks with him, is more what follows: To the company it goes to him very well! Every time better! The owner and his family are people of first! It is certain that we worked much, but widely we are compensated! – How! I said surprised and if we are or pay the double to us than it marks the agreement (to ALL), we worked in a good atmosphere, comfortable, we never need soda waters in the refrigerators, or invoices, or gifts in order year, or money to cover some extra question. Everybody does what must do! And first that does he is the owner! See you it, and is all the day looking for commercial opportunities. Weapon ” combos” , it requests discounts, it organizes promotions and calm You never see ” it; loco” The suppliers respect much because what decides IT FULFILLS, IT! The banks offer to the company a permanent support him and every time we have more work! – But decime SOMETHING MUST HAPPEN! AND NO! They respect to us and we give back commitment to them, desire. Sometimes they ask to you not to take the vacations ” all meetings! ” because there is much work, and nobody has problems! – So RESPECT! Sight you? If, you feel that they take care of to you! they helped me in things that did not have any obligation.

They are very jealous as far as the incorporations of people. Only recommended by confidence people. And by the sight, it does not go to them bad. – But does not discuss? There are no conflicts? Sometimes yes. But nothing serious.

Things of the moment. – And how they are with respect to the absenteeism? And almost nobody lack. Sometimes some patient returns BEFORE because he feels well and he sends it to the owner to the house. I had myself to operate of a smaller question and she did not let to me return. – Recuperate you come well and later – To people thus PODS NOT TO FAIL to HIM! And if this generated to me FRESH airflow confirms and me that my already old man preaches to the industralists of JUSTICE and RESPECT so that the employees, first of all, feel like PEOPLE! , it continues having value!

Superior Education

In accordance with given of the IBGE, of 2000, approximately 14.5% of the general population have some type of special necessity. Knowing that the form as the individual it perceives the world is given important for the understanding of the human behavior, the work adopts as objective generality to understand the meaning that the colleges student with educational necessities special attribute to its limitations, and specific to identify as the interviewed ones are perceived as university with educational necessities special; to describe and to analyze the confrontation strategies that the interviewed ones adopt front to its limitations; to verify if the Institution according to contributes for the process of inclusion of its students perception of the interviewed ones. has as problematic to know: Which is the perception of the colleges student with educational necessities special in relation its limitations and as they deal with the same ones in the pertaining to school context? One was about a carried through qualitative research in an Institute of particular Superior Education of the South Goiano having as instrument a structuralized, carried through half interview in the proper Institution by means of daily pay-set appointments schedules. The sample was composed for 03 participants. The results had disclosed that the interviewed ones perceive its natural deficiency as something, being its limitations, in its majority, possible of overcoming, mainly in reason to be enjoyed of the support of inclusive resources for this. It was evidenced, therefore that the preconception biggest that they live deeply is related to the discredit of the society how much to its capacities and potentialities, subestimando them it the ability to establish objectives of independent life.


Somehow, it comes increasingly to the one in the media by the word “funds” hear, but unfortunately knows at this day, hardly a man, what the term means in general. Basically, the explanation is quite simple. Funds of funds are investment funds, the money of investors to invest in various mutual funds, which means if you lose a little money into a “normal” fund invests and the company has invested in that one, but comes in a not so good financial situation, Fond a certain value, thus the investors of capital. This is especially for inexperienced investors will Risky situation. Therefore, there is a fund of funds, which consist of several securities, thereby becomes a “bottleneck” of a company by a ramp-up of another company within this fund of funds collected. Thus the investor has little or no loss on his investment. Certainly there are some disadvantages or risks, because the so-called Dachfondmanager can pay for his services, which are costs in addition to the administrative costsincurred as at the end of the year, may have generated a certain percentage. But who is the Dachfondmanager anyway This is the one who pushes the money from fund to fund to the investor to avoid a possible loss. Among other things, must be considered in the possible investment in a Fund of Funds, the cost in any case. The easiest way is if you are well informed in the bank’s own expectations about the current structure of the possible investment funds.

Discontinued Linux distributions

Discontinued Linux distributions I see this category. Some distributions are certainly still relevant after his death, for its historical value, because it influenced others, because they came to have many users, it emerged from companies or large groups, because they are linked from other articles … (I know, Yggdrasil Linux, Corel Linux, Red Hat Linux, maybe even Linspire, surely some other). But some of it seems to me we do nothing or almost nothing. What would be the correct procedure, we have a policy about it, choose those that seem most irrelevant and I will put a candidate for deletion 4lex (talk) 2:53 April 12, 2010 (UTC) Do not think it necessary to remove these items. Xavigivax (Talk to me) 8:27 April 12, 2010 (UTC) No more pronounced, then Does everyone confused Several of them had articles in other languages and have been blurred, as Flonix or Jurix.Others, such as Linux or UserLinux Storm, barely an article, or on our wikipedia or others. Amber just got a Linux version, and the site of the company that developed it is down. Will I be putting their foot if they put a bid to erase and wait for me out of my mistake and show its relevance – 4lex (talk) 16:00 April 16, 2010 (UTC) Nothing to say, apply WP: ASR, that’s what it is. Sanbec -) 8:08 April 21, 2010 (UTC) deleted queries consume resources of the community. By contrast, the space occupied by these items are not considered “community resources” (WP: NOES paper). IMHO, if you can apply a speedy deletion because it does not fit in the case of WP: PBR, probably not worth digging. There should be a rule requiring stubs for every ten articles on WN to open. Gaeddal April 21, 2010 12:46 (UTC) Strongly agree, I remember when schools did EE articles.UU., I deleted about 15 items, but none did any other item. Vrysxy Californication! April 25, 2010 00:56 (UTC)


Normality and Madness – distinct or non-separable Concepts? In the pages that I could appreciate with my reading, it was clearly the perception of that madness is seen of some angles, of some heads, and for the thoughts are changed there. It is noticed that it is easy to speak of the madness of the other, of this other people’s madness and to produce arguments of that wild he is who is contrary to the society, or better, of who he is contrary to its attitudes, its beliefs or the normality of the world. But it is enough to run away from a moral rule, fact, already has considered an insane person. But as we can say with as much freedom this word? Without the least terms the established knowledge to use it. It will be that we could call somewhat bad madness? Or only one liberty of speech is of the norms of the society? This subject on madness is very extensive and is necessary very well-taken care of to interpret it. Nowadays, the sense-common one believes in a madness located in the individual, transforms that it into monster thus tending to remove its statute of human being, as well as makes to forget us that something is said through madness.

The insane people are the ones that they know to look at the world with the eyes of the reality, and therefore are restrained of the society. According to Artaud, the authentic insane person would be that one that he preferred to go crazy (conscientiously or not), in the direction where socially if he understands the word, to trair certain superior idea of honor human being (moral rules). In mine to see, this opinion is celebrates and obtains to arrive at the abstract direction. As much that I will place in this summary all my points of view, not leaving to analyze all the others and not to be the favor nor against, but always to think the respect.