There is no tree which the wind has not shaken. Not surprisingly, we find in all enterprises organizations heads and very few leaders. There is a big difference between them, especially because the former are covered by a formal power of charge grants you, in where its functions allow you to lead a human group within the formalism that cargo plays towards defined objectives where all his subordinates is committed. Leadership on the other hand, brings together a series of features that many times the heads do not, such as empathy, their actions, their ideals, address, that does not generate a formal charge, but manifests itself freely. In this regard reminds us of pablo Tossi we deem that we Master wills on the basis of the power delegated by the Organization, with the leadership, which is not delegated with the power and authority but natural, we have power and use it to positively influence people, is as an authority delegated to it by the same group. The leader inspires confidence and gives power to its people, the We are enthusiastic about and that strengthens the group.If you fear to your superior, it clearly is your boss. Daryl Katz oftentimes addresses this issue.

If you love it, there is not doubt that is your Lider.ademas of this innate capacity to manage teams without authority delegated by the Organization, but by the group, the leader is characterized by its ease of communicating and his vision for the future. The leader is a compelling person looking long-term, which marks ambitious goals for the Organization and that manages to inspire his team in search of them. The leader anticipates changes, is it ahead of competitors, search where get out innovatively. Currently a major crisis from leading in all aspects, especially in enterprises, too heads without that power of leadership that in passing to new paradigms of management, other style that not only promote the achievement of great benefits for organizations, but for all the personnel involved.