In case that the operator is located for side of its operation (that is, bought and the market going up, or vendido and the market falling), he will not have problems, but he will have been located of the other side, will be able to have an edge call if its account will not have the value enough to cover the edge of maintenance stipulated for the stock market. Being able, the criterion of the broker, removed being of the operation, without its intervention. Term the term is a contract between two parts that stipulate a value of an asset that will be vendido or bought, for one of the parts, in one determined date, for one determined price. It dates it of negotiation and of delivery they are distinct. They are contracts that cannot be negotiated in secondary market, therefore are appointed to the contractors and contracted in the act of its signature. In this operation deposits of edges of the parts are demanded, want either in form of the asset (former.: action) or money, or another accepted asset for the stock market as guarantee. In the act of the act of contract nor the negotiated asset, nor the payment are transferred between the involved ones, being only made in the expiration of the term or when the parts undoing. A future contract is a standardized forward contract negotiated in stock market, being that in the expiration, if the contract still will be valid, the stock market chooses by lot who must deliver for who. In the case of the term, it is a individualizado contract where the parts are related and they do not move until the end of the contract. Options Option are a type of future contract where one of the parts has the right and to another one it has the obligation in the fulfilment of the waked up one until the date of expiration or expiration.