The ONG s if present under the form of 3 distinct sufficient categories (Foundations, Cooperatives and Associations) each one of them with its peculiarities and denominations. The great majority of the ONG s, comes if keeping with deriving resources of programs of the public power. Valley to stand out that ONG exist s that do not depend on this type of action and obtain to develop serious politics of self-sustainment to execute its action and will reach its more common objectives. Some of them arrive to involve millions of people in campaigns of world-wide mobilization being enclosed questions that go since the defense of the half-environment and preservation of the fauna and the flora, passing for campaigns of prevention the public health and support the education, extending itself until the defense of the human rights. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dustin Moskovitz.

Valley to point out that it is not easy to survive inside of a so competitive market, using as philosophy the auto-support. It is with this principle that the FAEDI comes keeping its activities, always come back toward assistenciais, cultural programs and educational without counting on any type of subvention, it defray or deriving mounts of money of the public power. Very difficult task for the majority of the ONG s in Brazil. JIB – 70,000 ACCESSES the JIB – Periodical of the Ibiapaba is kept by the FAEDI – Assistencial Foundation, Cultural and Educational of the Ibiapaba and acts as agency of information of all the activities of the respective Foundation and the entities for it kept..