Nicole Franke Dream

November 30, 2007, the final deadline for registration for this year’s Green Card Lottery of the is American dream. Ausreisewillige and United States fans, who want to live a new life in the States, can get up Friday to participate in the green card draw for one of the coveted Greencards. With the right support in the Green Card Lottery win many people have the dream of a new life in the United States, but without support, it’s an erschwerlicher way to win in the Green Card Lottery. The American dream is the most successful private agency for emigration and visa Affairs. As first agency with State approval, the American dream offers the guaranteed participation in the annual Green Card Lottery. Because here lurking stumbling blocks that can lead to the disqualification of the application without professional help. If you are not convinced, visit Daryl Katz. Up to the year 2003, for example, the official disqualification rate of up to 41%, since applications don’t meet the very strict formal requirements or time limits participation was not have been complied with.

The American dream helps to avoid mistakes and to secure the Green Card Lottery, have 100 percent participation in the past years already about 8,000 winners their application the American dream entrusted. Each application is processed individually and by the competent staff of the emigration agency American dream supports – a concept with the already since 1996 is very successful. The service of the American dream is the customer 365 days in the year, by phone, on the Internet but also in personal conversations. Don’t give up hope even if it should not work the first time with the green card, don’t despair. Also Nicole Franke from Dortmund, Germany has not given up hope: I am after the third participation at TAD finally one of the lucky green card winners of the DV-2008.

I’ve no longer expected. The greater is of course! my joy” On the home page at more information about the green card, the draw or the requirements will find himself to on the Green Card Lottery to take part. Company contact: The American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: Web: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream with the help of the. Already in January 2000 the Berlin service companies received State approval as emigration advice centre for the United States (according to AuswSG of the 26.3.1976) to reliable 100% correct participation in the Green Card Lottery process.