New Novel By Werner Wittig

Expose of the novel by Werner Wittig memories of the Ildefiz in slices consistent, plausible, quick-witted and gripping the author describes tranchierte (resolved) life portraits of aristocrats with socio-psychological, economic, literary and political ambitions. In the first place of the fictional character Ildefiz are desire and striving to complete merger and voraussetzungsloser devotion to a being of female shaped. Wishes and desires are inherent in all people. Are they alone? That question preoccupies many individuals of nowadays. The claim of the classics, that there are only two topics between origin and passing away, that is love alone”and power”, enters the Signless when reading this novel realms. Why this plant captivates any or every person in the world, explains sui generis is also itself.

If you read the first sentence of the novel, is looking forward to the second, on the next, and so on. It is a story that takes the reader, in the can feel what is happening, without this unnecessary noise is made. On the contrary: the action is driven with calm, an almost impressive sobriety, but also with beflugelter ease. After submission of a few pages of the manuscript has been designated experts strongly recommends the author to continue his work as brought out events deserve to be called and published literature. The writer tells with a lightness that as far as indicating their preference that the complexity in terms of complexity of reasoning never lays on the language.

If she did, the text would be unreadable. The author of the novel turns the archaic feat, not linguistic phenomena, such language to translate thought and felt, in a way that satisfies the claim of imagination and identification of possible done admirably. The text is a pleasure to read the brightest way. The globe is still down crashed. Beyond reality lurk still anonymous be pushers, Devil arts and dreamy longings. And love is the most powerful form of magic. The hero of the novel Ildefiz tried the hullabaloo of illusion to hold farewell, change and a fresh start. The reader feels with such luck, misfortune and emotional images, as well as it arises solely his emotional awareness. Werner Wankhade novel is a sensitive, romantic book about the fragility of understanding and love loyalty between feminine and masculine nature. Werner Wittig the physical rights of this novel are still not forgiven. Publishers who might be interested, please contact the author Werner Wittig.