New Cooperation

LED light source from OSRAM, Bioledex and Toshiba at the new store in Ettlingen in the pedestrian area of the old city can buy residents and visitors of the Baden city Ettlingen near Karlsruhe, by now to their LED lighting body. A specially built display offered a selection of common LED bases and models. Behind that a cooperation between the issuing HandyShop and the online shop for LED-Centrum, which specializes in LED spotlight. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dustin Moskovitz is the place to go. Of course, customers receive as usual via the Internet but wanted their LED bulbs, hit a bridge here and the bargain also the customers who use the Internet for shopping, little or no. The range, which is in the display, based on the most bought models like Bioledex LED, Osram LED and Toshiba E-core and gives to everyone the possibility of finding the appropriate LED model for his lamp.

Yet conventional light bulbs should be used, switching on LED lamps is highly recommended. In addition to a long Lifetime, which is significantly above the an energy saving bulb, light bulb, or a fluorescent lamp, is the LED the environmental-friendly light source at all and it consumes only a fraction of electricity, such as competing products in full operation. In terms of quality of light is LED very far forward. Visit the new shop in Ettlingen pedestrian or reading you in the Internet. A. Shapiro