SHE IS NECESSARY TO INFORM the Manuel POLES and the patotada one decides to return for Santana. Already it rested sufficiently and therefore it has that to make some thing. Already he was with homesicknesses of its cidadezinha. Get more background information with materials from Dustin Moskovitz. It was a small, but very gostosa city to live itself. The people also was good. Manuel is that he was bad same.

In the city everybody already wise person who Manuel had earned in the lottery. Nobody wise person to explain who says that. It nothing says to nobody. Probably she was the manager of the Box. Manuel goes to the bar of before again. All come to hug the new millionaire. Many wanted to vender some thing for Manuel.

Some wanted to vender houses, cars, wagons, small farms and until gold bracelets. Manuel did not want to buy nothing. It was thinking where to use the money. It had much thing in the head. It thought about buying an car. It came back toward house, after having drunk a little. Bebuns had been thoughtful. Manuel of car? Ih, we have much that to work. She is necessary to inform pole for pole, care, the Manuel goes to pass this way of car. They have care! the houses? It needs to also inform the houses. It can be that some house runs over the car of the Manuel. Same Manuel purchase an car. The last model. It walks well with it in the first days. It wise person to direct well. Everybody was with envy. Manuel started to farrear with the car, went pra all place with the baita. It fulled the face of cachaa and the car of women. Good life is the life of rich. They do not have much with what to be worried. Manuel also fulls the alcohol tank of the car and its. It leaves for the total tipsy city.