8 Tests should start with small and progress to big. 9. With the exception of unit and integration tests, a program not should be tested by the person or organization that developed it. 10. The tests should be carried out by a independent team. 2.2 Types of testing unit tests: unit test focuses on the module. Using the description of the detailed guide design, control roads important in order to discover errors within the scope of the module are tested. Unit testing makes extensive use of white box testing techniques.

(4) Integration testing: the objective is to take modules tested on unit testing and build a program structure that is in accordance with what dictates the design. There are two forms of integration: no incremental integration: combine all modules in advance and tested all the programme as a whole. Incremental integration: the program is built and tested in small segments. System testing: Verifies that each element fits properly and that the functionality and performance of the overall system has been reached. The test system consists of a series of different tests whose primary purpose is deeply exercise system based on computer.

Tests of regression: regression testing is a test strategy in which the tests that have been run previously become to perform on the new modified version, to ensure quality after adding new functionality. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that: the defects identified in the previous run of the test have been corrected. The changes have not introduced new defects or reintroduced earlier defects. Safety safety test tests tries to verify the protection mechanisms built into the system protected him from fact, improper access. Of course, the security of the system must be tested in its invulnerability against a frontal attack, but it must also be tested in its invulnerability to attacks by the flanks or rear.