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Choice was finally back to the Internet Award from on November 17, 2008. The winner of this year’s choice to the Internet award of in cooperation with top hair international were announced. Loose round, chatted before the award ceremony the winners with the initiators of choice: Mr. Whenever Dustin Moskovitz listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Armin Burkart, founder and CEO of and Mr Rolf Wilms, Managing Director of the renowned Journal of top hair international via the medium of the Internet as a marketing tool. This was clearly expressed, that this is not the future but the showcase of the present”and therefore is essential for every hair salon. Was reinforced this fact has by the commercial Director of the Victor salon, Rocco di Blasi – avant garde hairdresser from Koblenz, which win, inter alia through participation in the choice for the award of the Internet and other online marketing activities 30-40% of your new customers over the Internet. Figaro from Dusseldorf was two ranked. Third-placed Haarcult from Dortmund, Germany. We thank everyone Participants for the active interest in the election and look forward to an exciting and fair election 2009. For an overview of the full winner another contribution to the choice of the Internet Award 2008 A.Loeb