Life Insurance

If everyone thought that after the economic crisis financial agents would have learned the lesson, we were wrong. Junk mortgages, those that provoked the so-called crisis, have found them new substitutes: the bonds of death, in which the investment is made based on the longevity of the owners of life insurance. I.e., the sooner the insurance holder dies, more liquidity gets inverter. Learn more on the subject from Ping Fu. How does this gloomy system? If you, as a holder of a life insurance, you want to obtain liquidity, just selling your policy. Instead, the purchaser shall continue to pay life insurance until you die, time that will be charged. If the insured takes a long time to die, the investment will be unprofitable, if on the contrary he dies soon, the investment will have been effective. Additional information is available at Kerry King.

As they point out the statistics, so that the operation is beneficial to the buyer, the life expectancy of the insured must be between two and ten years of life. This measure It was presented for the first time in 2005 for financial experts. On that occasion was attended by 250 people, two years later did 600. Are we facing the new investment of the future? Do we forget the values when it comes to money?