Japon San Fernando

1948 July Soichi Ikeda decided to install a farm of ducks and chickens in Surquillo. Teaches children all about the poultry business. 1958: After 10 years of raising poultry, the Ikeda decided to formalize their operations and create the company farm Los Huertos. 1964 Decide to concentrate on breeding only chickens, because they began to import improved breeds of this species, whose meat was of better quality. 1970: They become the first supplier of chickens in the wholesale markets of Lima. After awhile, the tradition of eating Turkey at Christmas became more popular and decide to start to breed this bird.

1977: Creates the factory mills may, that produced food for poultry 1980: think the San Fernando company, responsible for marketing of chickens and turkeys produced in Los Huertos.En farm this decade, they decided to offer franchise the brand San Fernando and so come to have 40 stores in Lima. But I stopped being profitable when it became fashionable large supermarkets. They do not decide to compete with these, are left with five stores and become suppliers of chickens and turkeys supermarkets. 1990: To exit a law of simplification, the Ikeda decided to merge all their businesses under the name San Fernando. Just manufactures Agropecuaria Chimu, as an independent company located in Trujillo.En this decade, started to raise chickens to sell eggs and installed a large sausage of pigs, turkeys and chickens in Chorrillos.