Flotation Principle

The flotation machine is suitable for sorting colored black metal and it can also be used for the selection of nonmetal coal fluorite and talc.The flotation machine is driven by the engine V-belt to put the impeller into rotation to centrifugal effect to form negative pressure. On the one hand, the negative pressure inhale sufficient air to mix it with ore pulp; on the other hand, stirring the pulp to mix with the drug and simultaneously refining the foams to make the ore minerals adhere to the foam. The mineralized foam will be formed after it floates out of the pulp surface. The flotation machine can make the useful foam scraped off by scraper blade through the gate to control the liquid level height adjusting.In the process, the ups and downs flotation of minerals is related with the flotability of the mineral and its affinity for water. If the mineral you have larger affinity for water and is easy to be wetted, it is difficult to attach the foams to floate; While the minerals with smaller affinity with water and difficult to be wetted by water, it is easy to float.Just like other beneficiation method, as for flotation, it is necessary to do the materials preparation well before sorting, namely, the ore should be conducted grinding and classification to achieve a suitable concentration and fineness for flotation. In addition, there are a few basic operations of flotation machine: 1.

The adjustment of ore pulp and the add of reagent. Its purpose is to cause the difference of the nature of the mineral surface, namely, to change the wettability of the mineral surfaces and adjust the selectivity of the mineral surfaces so that some of the mineral particles can be attached to the bubbles, while others can not be attached to the bubble.2. Stirring to create large numbers of bubbles. By means of the stirring action of inflatable flotation machine, the air in the pulp will disperse and a large number of bubbles will be formed.3. The mineralization of the bubble. The ore particles selectively adhere to the bubbles, which is the basic behavior in the flotation process. classifier: Ball mill: